VICTOR SWIM CLUB, Western NY's Premier USA Swimming Team

Welcome to a NEW SEASON

Good Afternoon from The Mid-West!

It has been a wonderful few days here in Ohio and sitting with the Victor Swim Club on deck at a big meet has never felt better! 

There's a lot to be said about being around great teams, you feel like you're part of something special! 

That's exactly what Victor Swim Club is...truly a special place for ALL athletes. 

Our program has always been about making our teammates better BEFORE thinking of our own success. When you invest yourself in others first, you're creating a long-term dividend, not just for your teammates but for Victor. 

I'm proud to return to our club family and I'm humbled by the warm welcome I have received from our staff and membership. 

Victor Swim Club will continue to be a market leader in competitive aquatics and we will resolve to strengthen our position with a number of new program strategies and objectives:

  • More time and energy committed to our swim lesson program and retention from lessons into full developmental membership. 
  • More staff attention and leadership for all 12 & Under athletes; beginning with the Head Coach/Program Director
  • Increased community involvement from VSC staff members and service leadership opportunities from Victor athletes. 
  • Open and accessible office hours for individualized family meetings between parents and Head Coach/Program Director; including a Friday morning "Coffee With Coach," program. 
  • Planned "Parent Social's" with Head Coach and staff to meet new families. 
  • Team Newsletter to be released bi-weekly. 
  • "Themed Practice Night's" for our Age Group program to incorporate fun for our athletes. 
  • A larger focus on high-performance with the senior level athletes and increased practice opportunities in the Senior & Sr. Prep groups. 

2019-2020 Primary Focus:

*The Primary focus for 2019-2020 at Victor Swim Club is to create an environment where success is inevitable. To that end, we are looking for increased ENGAGEMENT from our staff, volunteers, and membership as a whole. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where parents can feel free to access our staff, athletes are comfortable voicing their opinions and building upon our 3 main tenets: TRUST, COMMITMENT, BELIEF. 

I can't wait to get back into the #WorkWorksCulture and I look forward to meeting all of you!!!



Coach Mike