Join Victor Swim Club Coach Scott Wisner as he discusses all things swimming! Topics range from competition strategies, age group development, mental training, swim training, and parent education. 

Every week this page will be updated with the latest podcast from Coach Wisner, its also available on our Victor Swim Club YouTube Channel; which can be found here:

EPISODE 1: Love the Black-Line:

EPISODE 2: Group Placement & Matriculation:

EPISODE 3: Why we can't all be sprinters, Part 1:

EPISODE 3: Victor is a Distance Training Team & Other myths, Part 2:

EPISODE 4: Club Swimming & High School Swimming are different sports 

EPISODE 5: The Difference between Cat's & Dawg's:

EPISODE 6: Stroke Technique & why it's unique:

EPISODE 7: Why Failure is so important: 

EPISODE 8: Parents Role in the Developmental Process: 

EPISODE 9: Club Leadership & Other Horror Stories:

EPISODE 10: The Collegiate Full-Scholarship:

EPISODE 11: Toughness: 

EPISODE 12: The Ben Hur Tour: 

EPISODE 13: Chasing Records & Qualifying Times

EPISODE 14: What are you willing to do: