Our swimmers are assigned to one of these practice groups by the coaching staff. It is the coach's decision as to which group will benefit your swimmer best. The coaches identify the appropriate number of practices per week and which meets swimmers will attend with the team. (See the practice schedules for practice times, days and locations.)

Senior Champions
Our best swimmers ages 13 and over - who exhibit a level of technical and workout ability commensurate with this group. The group is designed to allow swimmers to mature physically and emotionally while challenging them to compete at high levels at the local and state levels of competition. These swimmers are expected to have a good work ethic. The Swimmers are expected to be dependable and responsible and highly organized while maintaining a good academic standing in school. A desire to improve one's self technically, physically, and mentally is a pre-requisite to being promoted to this group. This group will "walk the walk" not just "talk the talk" and is interested in achieving their maximum potential with their sites and goals set on State, National, International, and Olympic Titles.  You must make certain attendance requirements to be in this group.(7-9 practices per week)

Senior Black

Swimmers 13 and over that lack the attendance to enter Senior Development. This group is working on transitioning from Age group swimming to senior swimming. They have a strong base in technique and training and continue to push themselves towards excellence. They have a dedication to the sport and to improving themselves. They are learning to take charge of their swimming. Meet participation is required to move into this group and is expected of this level of swimming. (6 practices a week)

Junior Champions Black
Our best age group swimmer 10 and under A swimmers and 11-12 B and above swimmers who are well versed in all the competitive strokes and technically sound. The swimmers have shown a strong dedication to hard work and have individual as well as team goals for the support of the ATAC program. Swimmers are or are close to being competitive at the State level and will tend to exhibit strong leadership for their age. These are our top age group swimmers. Meet participation is required to move into this group and is expected at this level of swimming.(6 practices per week)

Junior Champs Blue
This group is comprised of our top 10 and under swimmers and 11-12 year olds who do not have the B time required to move to Black group. They are well versed in all of the competitive strokes & technically sound. They have the drive & desire to perfect their strokes, starts, turns, race strategy, & finishes to reach both individual and team goals. They exhibit a commitment to self-improvement & team goals.  Meet participation is required to move into this group and is expected at this level of swimming.(6 practices per week)

Junior Champs Aqua
Swimmers 11 and up who are newer to the sport of swimming or have little competitive experience.  This group should have a good solid knowledge of at least 3 of the 4 strokes.  They will be working on 4 legal strokes, endurance, learning to run sets, flip turns, proper starts, intervals, and setting age appropriate goals. These swimmers will learn to take charge of their swimming and workouts. Emphasis will be on technique and endurance.  Meet participation is not required, but highly encouraged. (5 practices a week)

Junior Champs White
Swimmers  10 and under who can perform the 3 of the 4 competitive strokes. These swimmers can easily make it up and down the pool with no help.   Emphasis with this group will be on improving & refining the techniques & fundamentals of competitive swimming including flip turns, racing starts, and kick outs.  this group is also an introduction to training techniques & race strategy. You must have at least 3 legal, (preferably 4 legal) strokes to be in this group.  Meet participation is not required, but highly encouraged. (4 practices per week)

Future Champions
Swimmers 10 and under with little or no previous competitive experience. Emphasis is placed on developing the proper techniques and fundamentals of the four competitive strokes through the use of numerous swim drills. Competition in meets is available to those who are ready. Must be able to swim 25 yards on your stomach and 25 yards on your back.  Meet participation is not required, but will be encouraged when your swimmer is ready. (3 practices offered per week)

Little Champions Swim School
Swimmers ages 3 & older who have no fear of the water. Emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of freestyle and backstroke, with the addition of breast and fly as they progress. This group teaches them proper stroke technique and works on a goal to swim the length of the pool (25 yds) of free and back to move up the Future Champs Group level. Coaches are in the water, hands on with this group. (2 practices offered per week September-May; and 4 practices per week June-July).