GENERAL FAQ (Please refer to Member Handbook for specifics)

1. Why does ATAC have a closed deck policy?
ATAC and all other swim clubs are required by United States Swimming to close the deck due to insurance reasons. Every swimmer and coach is registered with USA swimming and is covered under a liability policy. Parents, Grandparents, siblings, babysitters, etc are not covered. We also find that kids are more distracted with parents present. They spend time waving to mom and dad instead of listening to their coaches. Parents may enter the deck 5 minutes before the child's class begins. They must clear the deck as practice starts. They may reenter 5 minutes before class ends. At Loos, parents may sit up in the stands. At Greenhill, parents may sit outside or in the hall.

2. What is ATAC's late pick up policy?
You have ten minutes to clear the deck. If there is a class after yours, you will need to clear the deck as the class begins. You may go into the locker room with your child, or you will need to wait in the hall. If your class is the last of the night you will need to clear out in 10 minutes as the Janitorial staff needs to come through. After 10 minutes, your account will be charged $1 a minute for every minute after 10.

3. What kind of equipment does my child need?
When you tryout you should have been given a list of equipment needs of each group. All swimmers need fins, kickboards, caps, goggles, and a proper fitting suit. Aqua and above needs pull buoys. Blue and above need water bottles, paddles and drag suits. Greenhill has equipment you can borrow. Loos has a limited supply of fins and kickboards, so it's best to have your own.

4. Is my child required to wear a swim cap?
All girls as required to wear swim caps and any boys will long hair. All swimmers are required to wear the team cap at swim meets. Swim caps are worn at the highest level of competition by both male and female swimmers. Caps make you faster and allow coaches and officials to easily identify swimmers.

5. What is ATAC's inclement weather policy?
ATAC is required to follow DISD's and Greenhill school weather policies as well as our own. Should practice need to be canceled due to ice, snow, or severe weather it will be posted on the website and an email sent out by Noon on the day in question. We never require practice attendance. If you are not comfortable getting out, please don't risk it. Please note Greenhill closes its athletic facilities including the pool when lightning is in the area. Always check to make sure a coach is on deck before leaving your child.

6. How do we know if there are changes in practice times or cancelations?
Throughout the swim season there are various high school and middle school meets held at the pools where we practice. We do our best to move a group to a different pool, but sometimes practice has to be canceled. A weekly email is sent out that will highlight any changes to practice.  It will also be posted on the front page of out website as well as on the calendar.  If there is a last minute cancelation such as a broken pool emails will be sent out ASAP and and an announcement posted on the website.

7. How early can we drop off our child?
We ask that you drop them off no more than 10 minutes early. Swimmers will not be allowed on deck until a coach arrives.  At Loos, the facility will not be opened unless a coach is present.  During Greenhill's high school swim season, swimmers will not be allowed on deck until 5 minutes before practice starts.

8. Why does ATAC have a financial policy & what does it mean for me?
ATAC Swim Club is a competitive year‐round swimming program which means the team contractually commits to coaches’ salaries and pool rental agreements for a full twelve‐month period.  Membership enrollment is therefore considered a year‐long obligation and the financial policies are in place in order to ensure that the team is able to meet its financial obligations.  We ask all members to abide by the policies.  Please keep a current credit card on file to pay for monthly dues, meet fees and other items.  Termination of Membership requires thirty (30) days advance written notice.  There are no refunds of dues paid.  See the financial policy for complete details.

 9. Why does ATAC have a volunteer policy & what does it mean for me?
ATAC is a non-profit swim team run by a Volunteer Parent Board of Directors. We need the help of every member to assist in running the team.  Every ATAC family is required to participate in the volunteer system, even if you are new and/or your swimmer does not compete in meets.  ATAC hosts two to four USA Swimming-sanctioned swim meets throughout the year, along with a number of other events, such as mandatory the Blue/Black Inter-Squad Meet, Swim-A-Thon, and various team socials. All of these events require a significant amount of parent volunteers and swimmer participation to make them, and our team, successful.  When you receive an email asking you to volunteer, please consider signing up.  No job is too difficult to do/learn, but all of them are extremely important to the success of ATAC Swim Club.

10. Why are fundraisers important to ATAC's success as a team?
Fundraising is a must for ATAC and all swim teams.   Fundraisers help cover important costs such as coaches’ salaries,  water fees for the use of the pools at which we practice, and administrative costs of running the team.  In an effort to keep our team affordable for all, monthly dues alone do not cover all of the team’s expenses. As a result, we rely on other sources of funds to bridge the gap between expenses and dues revenue.  These sources include entry fees from meets hosted by ATAC and money raised through fundraisers like our annual spring Swim-A-Thon.

11. I have a friend who wants to join the team.  Does ATAC have a referral program?
Yes!  ATAC will apply a $100 dues credit to your account for every new family that joins the team based on your referral.  They must list your name for the questions "How did you hear about ATAC" when they complete the online registration.  The credit will be applied after they have paid first month's dues and their annual registration.

12. I have more questions, who do I contact?
Start with your coach.  He/she is an excellent resource for all of your swimming questions.  If you have questions regarding your account and/or billing, please contact our treasurer.  If you have website questions or other general questions contact the team president.  All contact information can be found on the Board of Directors page under the ABOUT ATAC heading.  


1. What is the meet schedule?
The meet schedule lists all swim meets for the swim year (Sept-July).  The schedule can be found on our calendar and upcoming meets can be found on the home page under upcoming events.  In addition to the officially sanctioned meets, ATAC holds an annual intra-squad meet (Blue/Black Meet) every September, participates in a Tri-Meet with two other teams each April and travels to an out of town meet in the summer.  Ask your coach about these specific meets. 

2. How do I know if my child is ready for a meet?
Your child's coach can tell you if they are ready. If they are, they can let you know what events they should be swimming as well.

3. Does my swimmer have to participate in meets?
Meet attendance is not required, but it is highly encouraged. Meets are swimming's "games" All the training and practice are geared toward meet participation. Meets allow your child to track their progress in swimming. No matter the age or ability, meets allow your child a chance to better their times.

4.  Why does ATAC host meets?  Do I have to volunteer if my child is not swimming in meets?
Every swim meet is hosted by a local team from the metroplex. Hosting meets is part of each team's responsibility to the North Texas Swim Community and to the sport.  ATAC will host 2-3 meets over the swim year (Sept-July).   Hosting a meet means that our team will be responsible for the set up and running of the meet.  It’s like hosting a large party at your house.  You make sure there is plenty of food, seating, and fun things to do.  Swim meets are completely staffed by volunteers.  All the jobs are volunteer jobs including the computer people, the officials, and those selling concessions. 

This can be very stressful on the people running the meet.  We can eliminate the stress by helping out.  We are like a large family hosting a party.  We need everyone come together. 

Some of the meets we host will only be for a certain level.  Even though your swimmer might not be able to compete, we still need volunteers to help out.  Bring your swimmer along to help out.  They can get a first hand view into the how a swim meet works.  The first meet of the season that we are hosting is an A level meet.  This is for our top level swimmers.  Even though your swimmer isn’t eligible we still need your help!

5. How do I know which meet to sign up for?
New swimmer will attend B/C Meets or Level 3 Meets. Other meets will require certain times to enter.

6. Which events should my child swim?
The best thing to do is to ask your coach. They will know which events best fit your child. In the upper levels, the swimmers should be talking to their coaches about what to enter.

7. I missed the deadline for the meet is it too late to enter?

If it's within the first 24 hours, you can still be worked into the meet.  The way meets work is various teams are responsible for hosting the meet.  Meet entries are due to them usually 8-9 days before the meet starts.  We close the entries 24 hours before they are due.  This way the coaches can go through and make sure each entry conforms to the rules of the meet. Then the entries are sent to the host team.  Once they go to the host team we cannot make changes to it. The host team then must put the entries with all the entries from other teams.  Then it is sent into a member of North Texas swimming.  They will go over it and make sure everyone has entered with the correct times and the entries conform to the rules.  That is called auditing the database.  Once that happens all the entries are locked into place.  Some teams will offer a Late entry.  This is usually at triple the cost of regular meet entries.  You will be in charge of signing up and paying for the events at the meet.

8. What should we bring to a meet?
Team racing suit, team cap (EVERY swimmer wears a cap to a meet), and a pair of goggles. You may want to bring several towels, a pair of backup goggles in case your pair breaks. You will need to bring water and some snack foods. For longer meets it's good to bring something to do. A book, Nintendo DS, coloring books, etc.

9. What do we do once we are at the meet?
You will want to arrive a few minutes before warm up begins. You will need to check your child in for EVERY race they have been entered in. Each event will have a list of all pre-entered swimmers. Find your child's name and place a check mark next to their name. Make sure you get checked in by 30 minutes before the meet starts or they will take down the check in sheets.  You will then need to find the coach on deck. They will show you were your child needs to sit and where you can sit. From there your child's coach will make sure they get where they need to be. Once your child is finished with their races, they are free to leave.

10. Do we need to attend meet warm ups?
Warm up is very important to awesome races. It gets the muscles warmed up and allows the swimmers a chance to get a feel for the pool. It's just enough swimming to get the body prepared to race but not too much to make them tired.  It also helps focus the mind on the upcoming races and can have a calming effect on nerves.   During warm up coaches put together relays and double check that the swimmers in attendance have checked in for their events.  If the coaches don't see you during warm up they will assume you are not coming to the meet.  Remember the check in sheets will start to come down at the end of warm up.  So skipping warm up means you may not get checked into every race.

11. What are these B, BB, A times I keep hearing about?
A/BB/B times are all Motivational Time Standards. Each event has its own set time standard. They are broken up by age (ie 10 and under 11-12, 13-14, etc) and by gender. All swimmers start as "C" level swimmers. Their goals are to get "B" times in each event. If you are a 9 year old girl and swim your 50 Freestyle in 38.17 seconds you have swum fast enough to earn you a B times. If you earn 3 B times you become a B swimmer. From there you work on BB times, Then A, Then TAGS times.  BB times and A times will send you to higher level meets.  You will know when you get them.  It will be a great moment of excitement!

12. What is TAGS?
TAGS is the Texas Age Groups Championship meet. It is a state wide meet for 14 and under swimmers.  It is the best of the best and you must swim faster than the qualifying times to attend.  Swimmers 15 and over who swim the qualifying times will attend the Sectional Championships.

13.  I have more questions about meets.  Who do I ask?
Ask your coach.  He/she is an excellent resource for all things swimming.  Ask another parent you've seen around the pool.  Parents who have attended meets in the past can give you insight into what they are all about.