Fund-raising is essential for small teams like ATAC and helps to keep dues down which ensures the team is accessible to all. Money obtained from fund raising efforts is put into a general fund to bridge the gap between the team's expenses and dues revenue as well as allow us to purchase extra items that will help the swimmers and coaches in their training programs. The following are some fundraisers sponsored by the team and other will be?announced through out the year.

( Specifics can be found in 2016-2017 Member Handbook)


Amazon Smile.

Use this link to support ATAC with purchases on Amazon


SWIM-A-THON : Coming SPRING 2017


Every other year our team holds a Swim-A-Thon. This program is sponsored by USA Swimming. A percentage of the proceeds go to support the national organization and the local representation of USA Swimming, our North Texas Local Swim Committee. The remainder of the proceeds go to support our swim club directly. Swimmers earn money for our team by swimming lengths of the pool. Swimmers have a two-hour period to swim a maximum of 200 lengths. Participants are encouraged to get pledges from sponsors. Most of our swimmers complete the 200 lap maximum.



ATAC is enrolled in the SHOP WITH SCRIPS program that allows ATAC families to purchase a variety of Gift Cards from a wide range of vendors each month.? You will receive an allotted percentage (not a dollar per dollar) per card purchased toward your Fund Raising commitment based on the vendor chosen.We will no longer be accepting checks as payment. Please set up the automatic payment with Scrips or we can charge your account directly.


Kroger Community Rewards Number

This program will donate a percentage back to ATAC with every purchase at your Local Kroger.  Our number is 16678.  If you already have a Korger card you may add us to your support by signing into your Kroger account at

Selecting the organization that you wish to support is as simple updating the Community Rewards selection on your Digital Account.
·        Sign into your Digital Account (if you haven’t already).
·        Select ‘My Account’.
·        Scroll down to the ‘Community Rewards’ section of your account page.
·        Select ‘Enroll Now’ or ‘Edit’.
·        Enter the name or NPO number of the organization that you wish to support.
·        Select the appropriate organization from the list and click on ‘Save’.
Your selected organization will now display in the Community Rewards section of your account page.
Any transactions moving forward using the card number associated with your digital account will be applied to the program.
It takes approximately 10 days for the Community Rewards total to begin displaying on your receipt.



This program enables ATAC to receive a small percentage of every dollar spent at Tom Thumb simply by using a "Tom Thumb Reward" card when grocery shopping. Cards may be used by all ATAC members, families and friends of ATAC. Reward cards can be obtained at a Tom Thumb store and ask them to use account #6811. This is an easy way for you to support our team. For your convenience here is the Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Reward Card Form simply download and apply next time you go shopping.



Plant sales historically are easy fundraisers because it is not necessary to go door to door. Simply create your own brief email cover letter, attach the order form & flyer, and prepare to follow-up your sales effort with an email reminder, quick phone call or personal visit. All of the plants are provided by a local grower and they are gorgeous! We are selling flats of flowers, color bowls (pre-planted), and hanging baskets.

It requires no upfront costs to the team and we are able to generate healthy profit margins which will directly benefit our swimmers. We encourage all of you to contribute to the success of the ATAC Plant Sale by emailing your local family members, friends and close associates as potential customers. They probably will be buying spring plants anyway, so why not buy from you?