Whether you are a new swimmer or been around for a few years, there are many great resources out there for swimmers. Hopefully you are taking advantage of these resources. If not, let me introduce them to you. 

North Texas Swimming
This is the site for North Texas Swimming. We are one of the many clubs in this LSC (Local Swim Committee). This has all the meet results going back for years! You can also find the meet information and the calendar for the upcoming meets. This keeps you updated with what's going on in North Texas Swimming. You can also find the time standards (A, BB, B times etc) and our state records.

Texas Swimming Association
This is Texas Swimming Website for our whole state. This keeps you up to date on TAGS and Sectionals. Our state level meets. You can find the qualifying times here and just for kicks Olympic Qualifying times!

USA Swimming
This is the website for all of USA swimming. We are all apart of USA swimming. For swimmers you can create your own webpage that keeps track of your best times for you! Within 10 days after each meet, it will update your page with new times. You can also find out what is going on at the National and World level. See which athletes might be in the 2012 Olympics! This website has lots of information on swimming, nutrition, and training. Parents there is even a section for you. Make sure you check it out.

Texas Senior Circuit Swimming
For our senior level swimmers, this has the list of the Senior Circuit meets, make sure you ask your coach which ones he is planning on attending. It also contains the time standards for being able to attend these meets.

You can check out swimming at a collegiate level. If you are nearing college, you definitely want to see the swimming opportunities for you. This is also an easy way to see what college offer swimming as a competitive sport.

Safe Sport for Parents

USA Swimming's top priority continues to be keeping our athletes safe. No form of abuse, including child sexual abuse, has a place in our sport. USA Swimming is committed to reducing the risk of abuse in swimming and increasing awareness of red flag behavior through its Safe Sport program. All adults working with athletes are responsible for creating an abuse-free environment.

Safe Sport for Athletes

This course is designed for athletes 12-17 years old and will cover:

  1. The basics of Safe Sport,
  2. Understanding the three types of boundaries, and
  3. What to do if you or someone you know is being harmed.

Parents and coaches can use the facilitation guide in the course to open up a conversation about Safe Sport and healthy boundaries.  Preview the facilitation guide below.

Adult athletes of USA Swimming must take the full Athlete Protection Training.

USA SWIMMING MEMBERS/NON-MEMBERS may access the course via learn.usaswimming.org 

Questions about the training should be directed to Maggie Vail at [email protected].

Xtreme Swim
Xtreme Swim is our team's swim store, located in Plano at located at 2220 Coit Rd, Suite 325.  This is where you can find all the equipment you will ever need for this sport and our team including our ATAC suits, caps, parkas, warm-ups, stadium chair, yard signs and much much more! Stop by to browse their selection or phone in your order. They can ship it to you if you are too busy to go by the shop. Make sure you tell them you are with ATAC to receive the team discount.

These are some of the basic resources for swimming. There are many more out there. You can find these on many social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. I follow USA swimming on Twitter and get the latest update sent straight to my phone. Use this information to make you a more responsible swimmer and knowledgeable parent.