Hello and welcome to ATAC Swim Club!

We’re so excited that you have decided to join our team!  ATAC is a great swim community.  We are one of the smaller teams in DFW, but that lends itself to a better relationship between swimmers and coaches.  Your swimmers are not just another kid in the pool, and you are not just another parent.  Your family is important to us, and we want you to be comfortable here.

In that line of thinking, here are a few things that will be helpful for you to know.  You can find all of this information in the handbook as well, but this should get you started.

  1. Our website is www.atacswim.com.  This is where you will set up your member account and complete your online registration of your swimmer for ATAC.  From the main page, you can also find parent information and the link to our team spirit wear store.
  2. You need to register your swimmer with our parent organization, USA Swimming, here: www.usaswimming.org.  USA Swimming is responsible for the governance of swimming as a sport.  I bet you didn’t know that your swimmer will be watched over by the same group that sent Michael Phelps to the Olympics!
  3. Once you are registered, there are some helpful apps you should know about:
    1. OnDeck by TeamUnify is your mobile connection to your newly created TeamUnify account.  Find your swimmer’s times, account information and more on this app.
    2. USA Swimming App LogoThe USA Swimming app is the official app of USA Swimming, providing easy on-the-go access for members and swimming fans.  Members can access mobile registration, membership cards, and important information right from your phone.
    3. Meet Mobile allows you to get access to meet programs from all over the world, including heat sheets, psych sheets and real-time results.
  4. All of our policies, FAQs, and the swimmer code of conduct are in the ATAC Handbook located here:  ATAC Handbook--2022-2023 Version 3.0.pdf.  We update this book every year, so it has the latest and greatest information on all things team related.
  5. You can find our Facebook group here: ATAC Swim Club | Facebook and our ATAC Swimmers and Families Group here:  ATAC-Swimmers and Families | Facebook.
  6. Click here for the team practice schedule.
  7. First-day must-haves:
    1. Girl’s Practice Suit or Boy’s Swim Jammers
    2. Kickboard
    3. Fins
    4. Swim bag
    5. Full water bottle
    6. *All swimming items can be purchased at Xtreme Swim:  2300 Coit Rd. Ste 325, Plano, TX 75075 (972) 596-2188 (NE Corner Park and Coit).  Be sure to mention that you swim for ATAC to receive a discount.
    7. **After your first day, more items may be required based on your swim group.  Check the handbook for the items your swimmer will need!
  8. Things to know about practice:
    1. Swimmers should always show up in time to jump in the pool at practice start time.  Don’t just leave your swimmer in the parking lot, though.  Our coaches aren’t responsible for them until they are on deck.
    2. Parents are not allowed on deck.  Trust us, the coaches have this, and your swimmers can pack their own stuff.
    3. Swimmers need all of their gear AND full water bottles every practice.  Swimmers CAN get dehydrated swimming in an 80-degree pool.
    4. Parents should pick up their swimmers on time.  Coaches cannot leave until all swimmers have been picked up, and per ATAC policy, after 15 minutes, they will charge $1 per minute you are late.
  9. Things we need from you, our parents:
    1. Volunteer!  ATAC has a mandatory volunteer policy.  You need to work 4 swim-meet sessions to earn 4 credits or pay $75 per unworked credit.  We rely on you to make our meets run, and we are small enough that every parent counts.
    2. Trust us!  Our coaches are really good at what they do, and your swimmer will reap the benefits.  They’ll do the teaching.  You get to be proud.
    3. Talk to us!  Reach out to the Board members (contact info on the website) with your questions, comments, and yes, occasionally, complaints.  The Board wants to answer your questions and help you stay a happy member of our community.