ATAC needs your a volunteer! 


ATAC hosts two to four USA Swimming-sanctioned swim meets throughout the year, along with a number of other events, such as mandatory meet duties at TAGS, the Annual Intra-Squad Meet, bi-annual Swim-A-Thons, and various team socials.  All these events require a significant amount of parent volunteers and swimmer participation to make them, and our team, successful.

The ATAC Family Volunteer Policy requires every family to volunteer at a minimum of four (4) ATAC-hosted swim meet sessions or other ATAC-sanctioned events during the swim year. Each session represents a commitment of $75, or a full swim year commitment of $300.

There will be an assessment of $75 per session not worked at the end of the swim year if this commitment is not met.  Members can check their service credits online at in the Member's Portal under My Account>Invoices & Payments>Service Hours.

The swim year and volunteer period run from September-July, and families that join ATAC during the year are responsible for fulfilling volunteer requirements on a pro-rated monthly basis (see attached table). 

If a family leaves ATAC during the swim year, that family is responsible for paying an assessment of $75 per session not worked on a pro-rated basis (see attached table).   

To assure receipt of credit for volunteer services, you must sign in with the Volunteer Coordinator at the event.  Failure to sign in will result in credit not being applied.   

Volunteer requirements are only fulfilled by working at ATAC-hosted events. Working at non-ATAC-hosted meets does not count toward the volunteer requirement. No-shows are subject to a fee assessment of $100 per session. 

Members may buy out of your volunteer requirements at any time throughout the swim season.

The ATAC Family Volunteer Policy is meant to be a fun way to get to know other families on the team, support your swimmers, and provide a positive environment in which to succeed! 

Pro-Rated Volunteer Credit Requirements 

Swim Season Start Month

Credits Owed

September – November


December – January


February – March




May – June


If you have any questions, please contact your coach.