Welcome to Barracudas Open-Water & Select Swimming (B.O.S.S.). Not just a swim team, were a swim family! The B.O.S.S. Mission to instill a life long love of swimming; to build a program of excellence, through training, team unity, and character development. Along with providing a support network of coaches, family, and team mates, where every swimmer has the opportunity to achieve their potential and compete at their highest levels. Our over all philosophy is to provide a safe, positive environment conducive to learning. We want athlete to love their sport, from the lower skill levels, through senior development groups, we have to remember one word - FUN! At the lower levels, we have to purposely involve fun every workout. At the higher levels,the more intrinsic the fun becomes. B.O.S.S.Vision Statement We are here to promote the development of swimmers at every level in the sport. It is about self discipline, and self improvement; the commitment to excellence, and the enjoyment that comes from swimming in a supportive, and productive, and fun team environment.

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