Please read the following safety protocols our swimmers, coaching staff and parents will need to follow at each of our pools. Remember, these protocols may change due to pool configurations or safety guideline developments. This is uncharted territory for all of us, but by working together, we can make the most of these trying times. There is always a possibility that the facility may have to close again with little or no notice based on current Government regulations and developments.


REMINDER: Swimmers must swim with their assigned group/location.



  1. Swimmers should be ready to enter the facility 5 minutes before the scheduled practice time begins and will leave the facility within 5 minutes after the scheduled practice time ends.

  2. Swimmers will need to wear a mask when entering and exiting the facility.

  3. Swimmers will wear a mask if they need to use the bathroom during practice.

  4. Each swimmer must wear his/her suit to and from the pool.

  5. Swimmers are to always stay at least 6 feet away from others while inside and outside of the facility.

  6. Swimmers will not share any of their belongings with other swimmers.



  1. Coaches will wear a mask while at the swimming facility. The mask may be removed in order to give instructions.

  2. Coaches will remain at least six feet away from others and will not have physical contact with swimmers unless aid must be given.

  3. Coaches will prop doors open when possible at the beginning and end of practices so that swimmers do not have to touch/use door handles to enter or exit the facility.

  4. Coaches will instruct swimmers where and when to move about the pool.

  5. Coaches will take attendance each day to help with tracking swimmers if necessary.



  1. Parents will not be allowed inside the pool facilities or areas.

  2. Parents should remain inside their cars during drop off and pick up of swimmers.

  3. Parents must monitor their child’s health and not bring the child to practices if he/she shows any signs of illness or if any other members of the household show signs of illness.

  4. If a swimmer is required to quarantine by the school (or any other entity) you should NOT attend practice until the quarantine is complete.

  5. If a swimmer or any member of the swimmer’s household tests positive for COVID-19, that parent must notify Head Coach Mook ([email protected]) immediately and not come to practice until cleared to do so.

Please contact [email protected]