First meet Q & A


What does my swimmer need to bring?
Swimmers need their team suit, green MUSCLE cap, MUSCLE towel, a chair, several extra towels, sharpie marker, water, and healthy snacks.  They will need to refuel their bodies after warm ups and after each of their races. 

What do we do when we get to the pool?
Many meets are “positive check in” which means that the swimmer needs to be physically checked in (by placing a check mark next to their name) under each event that they are swimming.

How do I know which events my kid is swimming?
On your Team Unify page (our team website where you signed up for the meet), you can see a list of events the swimmer is entered in for the meet by clicking on their name under the meet information. 

How do I know when my child will be swimming? 
Swimmers are “seeded” into heats by their times.  If this is your child’s first meet or the first time they are swimming an event, then they will be a no time (NT) for this meet. 

How can I find the results?
Results are posted on the walls at the meets and some meets utilize an app called Meet Mobile where you can find the results.

What is my role as a parent at the meet?
Your role is to be your child’s biggest cheerleader.  They have worked hard to prepare for the meet and are excited to get to show off to you their accomplishments.  After a race, the swimmers are to talk to their coach immediately and most swimmers will do a cool down before being able to talk to you, but after that, they will be ready for some hugs and high fives. 

What time do I get to the pool?
The coach will send out communication to all swimmers letting them know what time to be at the pool for warmups.  PLEASE BE ON TIME.  The swimmer needs to be checked in, have found their team seating area, and be dressed with their team suit, green team cap, and ready to warm up by the time specified.

Can my swimmer leave when they are done with their events?
Yes, feel free to leave when your swimmer has completed their events for the session.