O2 Performance Aquatics is a competitive swimming team offering year-round instruction and competition. The main purpose of the team is to conduct training of swimmers and to create an atmosphere in which each athlete may reach his/her potential and achieve the highest level possible in the sport. The training program is designed by professional coaches interested in helping develop successful people as well as successful swimmers. 

While winning can be important, the striving, planning and learning that leads to the overall competitive experience is of greater importance. Championships, trophies, medals, and records do not begin to compare with the valuable lessons and personal growth that will take place as a result of participation by both swimmers and their parents. These lessons can be applied to situations that occur throughout life.  

 Throughout the program the swimmers are taught, with varying emphasis, the importance of striving to instill a positive self-image, goal-setting skills, basic time-management skills, determination, commitment, dedication, and team support. We like our young athletes to learn and mature at their own rate in a positive environment. The long-term interest of each swimmer is kept in mind at all times. 


Our Coaches view themselves as educators first and strive to teach swimmers about various life issues through a curriculum of concepts that are introduced every week. Personal responsibility, integrity, hard work and our other concepts are taught intensively over the course of a week, each swim season. As the seasons pass, swimmers are certain to learn skills and strategies that they can use to enhance their lives far after their participation in competitive swimming is over.