Age: 18 & Over


O2 Masters is an adult program (age 18 and over) designed to train the recreational, fitness-minded, competitive and triathlete swimmer.  Professional coaches prepare and administer the workouts specifically designed for the adult swimmer and their goals.  The Coaching philosophy is Speed is Achieved First through Technique and then followed by Aerobic / Anaerobic Endurance Training.   

The composition of the team is such that you will find at least 2-5 athletes who have similar swimming abilities as you and share your passion for the sport.

O2 Masters attends numerous competitive events each year. For competitive swimmers, there are several local swim meets sponsored by North Texas Masters. In addition, the team participates in United States Masters National Swimming Championships, both Pool and Open Water events. For the Triathlete, in addition to their USTA competition schedule, the team attends several Open Water events, including Swim Across America and the annual Lake Travis Relays held in Austin, TX.  For the Fitness swimmer, the team participates in USMS sponsored events such as the One Hour Postal Swim, the and DAM SMU Christmas Relays

The team also holds regular social events throughout the year.