USA Swimming has rolled out a new platform for doing on-line registration for your USAS Membership.

Member Registration

Here are the steps to Register with USA Swimming 

Step #1 create a parent account (first year registration only) 

You need to create the Parent account, most of you are NOT an existing USA Swimming member (Coach, Board Member, Chaperone, or Official) so you will not have an existing membership.

Your first step to create your account first, use this link to create your parent account: USA Swimming

For informaiton on how to create a new account there are several vidoes and articles that show step by step how to register on the website 

Step #2 register my swimmer(s)

Login with the account that you just created in step #1 to access the O2 USA Swimming registration site 

Use this link to regsiter your swimmer(s) for USA Swimming under O2: O2 USA Swimmer Registration

Step #3 register your swimmer(s) with O2 Performance Aquatics  

Regsiter your swimmers with O2 

Use this link on the O2 website O2 Performance Aquatics - Team Registration (

Need help? Refer to the following resources:

Members (

How to create an Account as a Parent - VIDEO

How to create an Account for Existing Members - VIDEO

How do I set up my new SWIMS account if I already have a membership? - ARTICLE

How do I create an account in SWIMS as a new member? - ARTICLE

How do I create a new account for a family member? - ARTICLE

Does every athlete need to create their own individual USA Swimming account?

No, parents can create a single USA Swimming account and link all athlete members aged 17 or under to their login. The parent will need each athlete’s member ID, which they can look-up in the SWIMS 3.0 platform. All athletes aged 18 or older will need their own USA Swimming account linked to their member record to complete the Athlete Protection Training (APT) requirement for adult athletes.

If an athlete ages-up to 18 during the season, do they need to create their own USA Swimming account?

Yes, the athlete will need to create their own USA Swimming account before they turn 18. They must also complete Athlete Protection Training (APT) before their 18th birthday. USA Swimming will share additional information on how this process will work for athletes who are initially attached to a parent account at younger ages. 

What Membership Should I be selecting?

 x - Premium Athlete - This membership is for most swimmer

Do only Athletes need to Register with USAS?

All Coaches, Officials, Board Members, and Chaperones must be non-athlete members. The same steps should be used for all those types of membership, so if you are any of those roles you must also do the non-athlete membership as well.