How much does it cost to swim with LAC?


LAC is a year-round program that requires all swimmers to register upon joining, and then again each year, in order to hold their spot on the team for the upcoming year.  In addition to the monthly club dues for each swimmer, there are also certain annual fees that are incurred during the renewal process (for new members, these fees are incurred at the time of initial registration).

*current maximum age for Stroke Team (Red/Black) at the Flower Mound / Lewisville location is 10 years old


LAC Registration Fee

An annual registration fee is assessed upon joining and then again each August for all renewing swimmers (one fee per family, not to exceed $150).  

  • The registration fee is $50 for Pre-competitive or Stroke School swimmers (Red/Black groups)
  • The registration fee is $150 for Competitive Team swimmers (Bronze & above) 


USA Swimming Registration Fee

For swimmers on the Competitive Team (Bronze and above), there is a $82 annual USA Swimming registration fee, which is paid upon joining.  All renewing swimmers pay this fee in the fall for the following calendar year. 

Swimmers transferring to LAC from another North Texas Swimming team pay a $6 transfer fee when registering with LAC.  Swimmers transferring to LAC from another LSC team will pay a $12 transfer fee when registering with LAC. 

When transferring between the months of August and December, athletes must renew their USA Swimming registration for the next calendar year.


Monthly Membership Dues

Monthly fees for each training group are as follows: 

Training Group

Monthly Dues *effective 9/1/2016



National Prep




Senior Sprint


Age Group Select








High School Prep





Meet Entry Fees

Meet fees vary.  Red/Black meets are $5 per meet.  Fees for meets at the Competitive Team level can range from $20 to $100 per meet.  There is approximately one meet per month at every level.

Volunteer Obligation

All families with swimmers on the Competitive team are required to volunteer to help LAC run swim meets and other functions.  The volunteer obligation is approximately 20-30 hours per year with a buyout option of up to $1,500.00


All fees and dates subject to change.