Welcome to LAC Swim Fit!

(Flower Mound/Lewisville location only)


All swimmers wishing to join Swim Fit must go through a tryout/placement evaluation.  The coaching staff determines the best placement for the swimmer based on their observations at the tryout.

For tryout information, CLICK HERE.

LAC Swim Fit is within the Development segment of LAC’s three-tiered swimming program. Swim Fit is only offered to swimmers 11 years and older. The purpose of Swim Fit is to improve the fundamental techniques of all four competitive swimming strokes, learn how to practice in a team environment, and advance swimmers’ endurance and ability. Swim Fit requires a tryout and has three practices per week. 

Swimmers in this group can swim freestyle with proper side breathing and swim backstroke with good body roll. In this group, they will also be focusing on perfecting the breaststroke and butterfly strokes. They will be introduced to/enhance performing countless additional skills used in competitive swims including; reading the pace clock, all turns (flip, backstroke flip, open, etc), underwaters, pullouts, DPS, etc. The swimmer will start swimming longer freestyle and backstroke swims and consistently running a series of sets to build endurance. 

Swimmers in Swim Fit compete in fun speed & skill meets around 5 times per year.  This is a fun way for swimmers and parents to be introduced to the swim meet format (if this is new to you), and as a swimmer, begin to apply their technical training to a competitive environment.