One of the top competitive clubs in the state of Texas, LAC runs competitive and non-competitive programs in Keller, Flower Mound, Justin & The Colony.

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Congrats to our back to back, 2020 & 2021 Sectionals and TAGS (Texas Age Group Championships) 1st Place Winners and Olympic Trials Qualifiers! 


LAC Tryouts

In order to join LAC, all new swimmers must first be evaluated by our coaching staff to determine the appropriate practice group placement. This includes Stroke School.  Any swimmer who cannot do all four strokes for 25 yards will be placed in our Lesson Program, not Stroke School.  Lessons do not require a tryout.  Return to our homepage, and click on the button for information on the Lessons Program.


LAC generally holds open tryouts in the late winter (Feb) and late summer (July/Aug).  If you want to be notified of our next tryout dates, please click the button below.  You will enter information about the swimmer including age, competitive history, and any swim times, if available.  Please answer all questions to the best of your ability; the purpose of these questions is to help us streamline and expedite the tryout process for each individual swimmer, and accurate information is essential for this process.




Upcoming Tryouts


Swimmers should know all 4 strokes, if not please sign up for lessons.

Please complete the top portion of THIS FORM and bring it to the pool on the day of tryouts.


Justin tryouts (Northwest ISD Aquatic Center): 

Friday, February 11th 7-8pm

Saturday, February 12th 11-11:30am

Friday, February 18th 7-8pm

Saturday, February 19th  11-11:30am


The Colony tryouts (Eastside Aquatic Center): 

Monday, February 28th, - times TBD


Keller tryouts (KISD Natatorium):  

Friday, February 25th - times TBD

Saturday, February 26th, - times TBD


Flower Mound/Lewisville tryouts (Westside Aquatic Center): 

Friday, February 25th - times TBD

Saturday, February 26th, - times TBD

* Swimmers, 14 and older must have a history of A times in the USA swimming database to try out at the Flower Mound/ Lewisville location


If you are a USAS transfer swimmer with a solid competition history, please contact our Team Admin at [email protected] Provide your swimmer's full name, age, USAS ID#, expiration date, current team, and LAC location you are interested in.

Thank you for your interest in LAC!  We look forward to meeting your swimmer.

LAC is a year-round competitive swim team.  All swimmers wishing to join LAC must be evaluated by our coaching staff to determine the appropriate training group placement.  We have 15 levels, all based on age and ability and our coaching staff will determine the appropriate level for your swimmer.  The try-out schedule is below.  These are the only dates; we will not schedule private tryouts.  If you are unable to attend and want to be notified of future tryouts, please CLICK HERE.  In general, LAC holds open tryouts in late winter and late summer.


If your swimmer cannot do 25 yards in all four strokes, then they should not attend tryouts but should instead, register for our Lesson program.  To register for Lessons, return to the home page of our website and click on Learn To Swim button below the main photo.  The LAC Lesson Program prepares swimmers to advance to our Pre-Competitive Stroke Team.


All of our training groups in all locations are very full but we anticipate having a few spots open up at each level at the conclusion of the current season.  We will be holding tryouts to fill these spots.

Some important notes about tryouts:

  • The tryout is fun and low stress.  The coaching staff will be asking swimmers to show them what they can do and ask them to do some simple drills within their ability range.  Swimmers are not competing or racing with each other; each swimmer is evaluated on their own skills and not compared with other swimmers.
  • You must try out at the location you would be assigned – for example, if you live in Keller, you must attend the Keller tryout, you cannot try out at another location and expect to be assigned to a training group in Keller. Swimmers placed on LAC cannot request a transfer to a new location for one year.
  • You do not need to sign up or register for tryouts.  Just show up at the appropriate time and place (below) with the form (below) filled out.
  • Please bring your swimmer promptly at the appropriate time for their age.  Swimmer should be ready to swim (wearing suit, goggles and cap, if needed) at the time tryout starts.   If you arrive late, we will not be able to accommodate your swimmer.
  • Please print and complete THIS FORM and bring it with you to tryouts.  Please PRINT LEGIBLY – especially your email addressas that is how we will notify you of your swimmer’s status.  (please pay special attention to r/v, 0/O, L/1, 5/S, etc)
  • Bring your swimmer ready to swim (suit, cap, goggles, towel).  The coaches will invite the swimmers out to the pool deck and evaluate them.  Parents are not allowed on deck and can remain in the lobby or observe from the bleachers.  After your swimmer is done, you are free to leave – you will be notified by email of your swimmer’s status within a few weeks of tryouts.
  • Please review all of the following links prior to attending tryouts:  Information on LAC’s structureInformation on CostsAbout LAC
  • You will be notified of your swimmer’s status by email within two weeks of the tryout.   We do not provide individual feedback from the tryout.   The notification may be one of the following:
    • Invitation to join the team and the training group assignment
    • Your swimmer has been waitlisted (we do not disclose training group assignment)
    • We have no appropriate training group for your swimmer’s age and ability with recommendations for other programs


WAITLIST INFORMATION – We have limited spots available at each level and will only add a limited number of swimmers to our wait lists with the intent to onboard them within the current season.  We do not place swimmers on waitlists indefinitely, swimmers who are not accepted and not on waitlists can try out again the following season.  Many factors determine how we manage our waitlist.  We have a set number of lanes and hours at each facility and try to balance availability across all skill levels.  Sometimes there is room at one level, but a waitlist at another.  We cannot put a swimmer in a level that is not a good fit for them, simply because there is room or the practice time is more convenient, it will not be a good experience and also can be unsafe to have mixed levels training together.  We do not have an option for private lessons while your swimmer is on our waitlist or waiting for our next tryouts.

Our waitlists are more "fluid" than one might think.  Many dynamics influence them, such as overall group attendance, lane space changes in the facilities we rent from, current LAC members being moved into or out of the group due to skill progression, etc. so it is impossible for us to tell you how many kids are "in front" of your child or how long it will take.  Every effort is made to onboard wait-listed swimmers within the current season.


If you are a USAS transfer swimmer with a solid competition history, please contact our Team Admin at [email protected] Provide your swimmer's full name, age, USAS ID#, expiration date, current team, and LAC location you are interested in.

If your swimmer is not proficient in all four competitive strokes, we encourage you to enroll them in our Lesson Program, which prepares swimmers to advance to our Pre-Competitive team.  Information on our Lesson Program can be found by returning to our home page and clicking on the Learn To Swim button.

While waiting for further information on evaluations, we encourage you to visit some of the following web pages to make sure LAC is the right club for your swimmer and your family.

Information on LAC’s structure

Information on Costs

About LAC

If, after reviewing the information available on this website, you have further questions, please contact our Team Manager at [email protected]