LAC runs competitive and non-competitive programs throughout North Texas.

Competitive programs: Keller, Flower Mound, Justin & The Colony

Lessons programs: Keller, Flower Mound, Justin & McKinney

LAC is inviting you to "come along for the ride!" with the LAC Carpool, a quick, informative news segment.


August 2019 - Coach Andrew Marsh

Come along for the ride with Coach Andrew and learn about his unique introduction to the world of competitive swimming and see him stump Pam in Two Truths & a Lie!


August 2019 - new coach Tom Cyprus

Come along for the ride and get to know our new National coach in Flower Mound, Tom Cyprus!  Find out about his Texas roots and his close encounter with Michael Phelps!


August 2019 - new coach Jon Sakovich

Come along for the ride and meet our new staff member, Coach Jon! Learn about his swimming career, his perspective on the transition from Age Group to Senior swimming, and we'll play Two Truths & a Lie!


May 2019 - Head Coach Jason Walter

Come along for the ride as Head Coach Jason Walter discusses the upcoming opportunity for video stroke analysis and how your swimmer can benefit!


February 2019 - Coach Steve Mateer

Come along for the ride as we catch up with Coach Steve, talk about the evolution of the sport, and hear some words of wisdom!


February 2018 - USA Swimming's Dave Thomas

Missed the talks given to LAC by USA Swimming's Dave Thomas?  Never fear, come on along for a ride with us as we ask Dave to condense his wisdom into 10 minutes!

January 2018 - Coach Leslie Wyatt

Join us in the LAC Carpool as we get to know Coach Leslie and hear what she has to say about your first meet!

January 2018 - Coach Saxon Simpson

Come along for the ride as Coach Saxon talks about some of the greatest rewards in swimming happen in practice, and how practice and meets relate to each other!


January 2018 - Head Age Group Coach Chrissy Gentry

Come along for the ride as Coach Chrissy talks about a subject near and dear to everybody's heart:  TIME DROPS!


October 2017 - Swimmer Alex Zettle and Head Coach Jason Walter

Come along for the ride as we discuss everybody's favorite subject, SWIMMING!  We'll hear some exciting news and learn a few little known facts.  Join us!


October 2017 - Swim Parent Sharon McGrath

Join the LAC Carpool as we talk with swim parent Sharon McGrath about volunteering!  Find out what jobs she enjoys and why she loves volunteering!


October 2017 - LAC Board President Simon Kent

Come along for the ride!  Today, we are carpooling with the LAC Board President, Simon Kent where he discusses how the Board supports our Team and what REALLY happens in the closed session meetings!


September 2017 - Arena USA

In this inaugural edition of the LAC Carpool, we take a few minutes to catch up with our ARENA rep and learn more about their sponsorship of LAC and the product line.