Swim Meets - How to?

Good morning!

I need all of you to know that RACE will try very hard to keep all the e-mails to a minimum. Most of the items that will be sent via this system will be important so we ask that you please take the time to read.

Swim meets:

Where do I go to check all the information pertaining to a swim meet?

All of the information that you will need will be in the meet page located under the “EVENTS” portion of the site. You will find that under the text that is below the pictures in the front page.

There are two tabs there at this time; “Swim Meets” and “Team Function”

For you to go to the meet page just click on the name of the meet (blue fonts) under the “Swim Meets” tab. Once you are in the meet page you will find the name of the meet on the top. A brief description of the meet and at the bottom you will find the actual meet document under “Forms/Documents”.

You can enter your child in that meet via the tab on the top of the page “Attend this Event”; the same tab is in the home page as well next to the meet name.

Some meets you will only be able to sign your child for a meet with a YES or a NO; that means you will or not commit to coming to the meet. In that case please make sure to write the days and sessions that you will commit in the box below the “yes/no”. Eventually we will be allowing SWIMMERS to suggest what events they would like to swim in a particular meet. We would like to try that system at our home meet. When that is on, after you click “yes” to a meet there will be a list of events on the bottom and your child can “suggest” to their coach what they would like to swim.

Again, these are just suggestions and your child’s coach will have the final say in what events they will be participating. You can have an option to juts click yes or no and leave the events unmarked if you wish. MAKE SURE TO CLICK THE “SAVE CHANGES” button at the bottom of the page and I would refresh your page and go back to make sure that you have done the proper sign-up …. Don’t have to but with my 3 boys and my crazy mind I have too :o)

The second meet we have is our own Div. III B/C meet and for this meet as well as all of our home meets you will see an extra button “Job Signup”. When we are ready with the volunteer positions this is the place that you will go to pick whatever position you would like to help us before, during and/or after the meet.

Please pay close attentions to the each meet Deadline as once it is closed we will no longer be taking registration for that meet event.

The system will send one or two reminders to each account so please take action as soon as you receive the reminder to avoid missing the deadline.

I will be posting a few more informative letters such as this pertaining to different portions of this new site.

Please go to “My Account” on the left of the pictures in the front page and click “My Tutorials” for a list of nice short videos on how to use this wonderful site full of resources.

I also need you to go to the tag “My Account” under “My Account” and update all personal information such as home address, phone number, information under “guardian” and insurance/emergency contact.

Nobody can see all that information except you and our administration.

Thank you so much and I hope this helps!


RACE administration