BACKGROUND CHECK FORM FOR RISD: HERE RISD takes your athlete's safety seriously and as such we require all volunteers to be background checked by RISD.  Please fill out the form and email it to [email protected] or bring in to the office.

USA Swimming Safe Sport Polices:

Our Mission Statement:  The goal of the RACE swim team is to develop and promote the ideals of responsibility, hardwork, sportsmanship, teamwork and fellowship within a safe and positive environment. The individual growth of our community's children is enhanced through the spirit of competition, discipline and fair play. These goals will be accomplished by providing structured programs
designed to educate both participants and parents in all aspects of the sport. RACE is committed to providing carefully constructed programing that maintains the highest standards and guarantees a fun, positive experience for everyone involved.


USA Swimming and U.S. Center for Safe Sport contact & reporting information:


Want to learn more about Safe Sport?  If you are not registered with USA Swimming.  Click Here and register for free. 

USA swimming is asking us to take some online safesport training.  This training is for 12-17 year old swimmers as well as parents of swimmers at any age.  This training is free and it helps you and your swimmer to better understand how USA Swimming and our team supports safety in our sport.

Instructions below:

Click and scroll to the middle of the page.

Fill out your First name, Last name and birthdate to start the process.  This will either locate you or your swimmer or you will have to put in additional information (like LSC = North Texas and club code :RACE) for the site to recognize you. 

Click on your name.

You will then be brought to the dashboard and you will then click the word courses located top right corner of the page.

You will see a number of courses available but the ones we specifically need for you to take are located towards the bottom of the page.  

  • If you are an athlete, under “Safe Sport for Athletes” click “ADD TO CART” 
  • If you are a parent, under “Safe Sport for Swim Parents” click “ADD TO CART” 

It will display a checkmark, and say “IN CART”

Click on the shopping cart at the top righthand of the screen and “CHECKOUT”  

You will be required to enter your name and address, but NOT billing information.  There is no charge.

  • Click “Next Step”
  • On the next screen, click “Place Order”
  • Now go to “DASHBOARD” and “START” your course.
  • Click “Next” to proceed from segment to segment.  These courses take about 10 minutes.
  • If you have any questions, contact me or contact USA Swimming Safe Sport at [email protected].

Answer the Course Evaluation at the end.  Click “SUBMIT” and you will receive a congratulatory message, indicating that you have completed the Safe Sport course.

You are encouraged to (but not required to) take additional courses.

Most importantly, remember what you have learned, and make sure to speak up if you ever hear or see anything that breaks the rules you have just learned.