COR Swim School:

This group is for "learn-to-swim" up to kids who want to make our competitive team.  We will concentrate on teaching basic water safety and emphasize the basics for freestyle, backstroke, & breaststroke to your swimmers.  The emphasis placed on developing proper stroke technique and body control in the water. This group will help your swimmer become more efficient in their efforts to swim lengths and laps in the pool.  There is typically a 2 to 1 up to 5 to 1 student to instructor ratio.  No tryout is required for this group.  However, kids who tryout may be placed in Swim School if they are not ready for a more advanced level.

Jumbo Shrimps:

This advanced lessons group is designed for swimmers who are not quite ready for competitive swimming. To qualify, swimmers must be able to complete 1 length of the pool (25 yards) both on their stomach and on their backs.  "Jumbos" complete 12 practice sessions with emphasis on basic stroke techniques for Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke & Butterfly.  At the end of each session we will evaluate the Jumbos to determine if they are ready for our Minnows Group.  Most kids need 2 to 5 sessions before being ready to advance.  Every swimmer is different.




This developmental group is our first level for competitive swimming.  Swimmers in Minnows will be introduced to lap swimming while continuing to develop their technique on Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly.  They will learn "legal" racing starts, turns and finishes.  Minnows are also introduced to local swim meets and are highly encouraged to attend.  The main focus of this group is to learn what competitive swimming "is all about" while learning what it means to be a part of a team and to be a great teammate.  This is a self-paced group with continual evaluation for advancement.  Once they are ready to advance to Piranhas, they will be promoted to start the next month. 


Piranhas / P10:

These are our 2nd level development groups for 12 & Under swimmers.  Swimmers in Piranhas & P10 (10 & Under) should have a good grasp of the basic techniques for Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly.  They should also have legal racing starts and turns.  This is the first group where swimmers will begin to do basic training sets to include interval training and test sets as they continue to develop their strokes.  Swimmers in this group should be working toward B and BB time standards. Swim meets' attendance is expected for Piranhas & P10 swimmers.






Sharks is our top 10 & Under Group and our 2nd highest 11-12 Group.  All swimmers in this Sharks are expected to have legal strokes, starts and turns in the 4 stroke disciplines.  Sharks are taught more advanced racing strategies and techniques as they work toward becoming some of the fastest swimmers among their peers.  Training sets and practices are designed to teach, challenge and reward the swimmers setting a foundation for training as they advance to the next levels.  Sharks continue to develop their strokes with advanced racing strategies and techniques. their techniques and learn what it will take to advance to either Dolphins or Senior 1 at both practices and meets.  All Sharks should be full B minimum, working toward BB, A & TAGS Time Standards.  Swim meets are a requirement in this group and Sharks are expected to attend 3-5 practices per week.






Dolphins is our top Age Group program for 10 - 12 year olds.  Swimmers in this group should be full BB (minimum), working toward full A, TAGS and Sectionals times.  Dolphins are expected to have a firm grasp and understanding of all 4 strokes, all starts and all turns.  They will continue to learn advanced racing techniques and are expected to have a strong ability and foundation for training.  Dolphins should be leaders among their peers and set the example for our developmental swimmers, both in and out of the water.  This group will feature several of COR's State & Nationally ranked Age Group Swimmers.  Swim meets are a requirement for this group.  100% practice attendance is strongly encouraged.        



High School Group (HS):

This group is for swimmers 13 – 18 who would like to advance in their development and endurance.  Swimmers in this group will be diverse and work towards supplementing their high school training.   This group is offered primarily in the summers and will be 6 week sessions, practices 2 days/week, which will include drylands.  Swimmers will maintain a positive attitude and commitment to COR and their High School Teams.

Senior White:

This group is for swimmers 13 & Over who are at intermediate levels.  Senior White swimmers work to develop the 4 competitive strokes, racing starts, turns and finishes.  Practices will be geared toward advancement to our Senior Blue Group as well as prepare them for high school swimming (or supplement their high school training).  Swimmers in this group will be working towards B and BB times while developing more endurance and life skills. Beginning 13 & Over Swimmers are placed in this group so that they may train and compete with their peers, while gaining the much needed strength and conditioning required to compete in the 13-14 & 15-18 Age Groups.  Practices are offered 4 days a week and swim meets are highly recommended.

Senior Blue:

This group is for 13 & Over swimmers who are not quite yet ready for Senior 2 level practices or the Senior 2 level of commitment.  Swimmers in this group should have a firm grasp of the 4 competitive strokes while continuing to build upon their training from a previous practice group or team.  Senior Blue level swimmers are working toward BB and A Times, the Senior 2 Group and High School Varsity level swimming.  Practices are offered 5-6 times per week.  Swim meets' participation is a requirement for this group.

Senior 2:

This group is for swimmers ages 13 & Over.  They are serious swimmers working towards TAGS, HS State, Zones and Sectionals.  They will maintain an 80% average with 6 practices per week (110- 120 minutes), (8 - 9 during long course) with additional dryland practices.  Senior 2 Swimmers are working towards advancing to our Senior Gold Group.  These swimmers must maintain a positive attitude and be 100% committed to competitive swimming, COR & COR team values.


Senior Gold:

This group is for swimmers ages 14 & Over.  Their goals are to swim at the State, Sectionals, Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals and USA Team representation.  Seniors demonstrate and understand COR values and must maintain a positive attitude and 100% commitment to COR.  They are team players and recognize the hard work, intensity and commitment that is necessary to reach their individual and team goals.  These swimmers will maintain a 90% average with 6 practices per week during short course and 9 practices during long course, along with additional dryland practices. (120- 250 minutes).  They have the understanding and have made swimming their priority outside the classroom.  Most swimmers in this group are working toward Collegiate and National Level Swimming.