Interested in becoming a USA Swimming Official?

We cannot run meets without the help of parent / family volunteers.  One great way to help is by becoming a certified meet official.  These are the individuals who are typically dressed in white polos and work both on the deck and behind the scenes to make sure our meets run smoothly!  From being a stroke and turn judge to starter to meet referee to admin referee, North Texas Swimming needs YOU!  


Top 5 Reasons To Be A Swimming Official:

  1. Learn the finer points of swimming.  What better way to own the officer water cooler talk at Olympic time?
  2. Get involved in your child's sport. Help in areas like Meet Flow, Admin / Computers, Overseeing and Enforcing USA Swimming Rules and Regulations.
  3. Enjoy hospitality; free meals and refreshments catered from local restaurants / eateries.
  4. Meet a great community of volunteer Officials from around the DFW area, Texas and other parts of the country!
  5. Watch the meets from the best spots on the pool deck!


If you are interested in learning more about becoming a USA Swimming Official, please contact Craig Lutgen via email by CLICKING HERE


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