Why Swimming ?

Each year more people participate in the sport of swimming than in any other sport. Swimming is the nation's number one activity because no other sport or activity produces as many or as varied benefits for the individual throughout one's life, from early childhood onward. It is safe, with less risk of injury than most other activities and promotes a clean, healthy lifestyle.

The lessons learned in swimming are courage, discipline, diligence and personal responsibility to name a few; all of these are important lessons in the conduct of anyone's life. They encompass not only the body and mind but also the emotional, psychological and social sides of the individual. Competitive swimming encourages and develops these worthwhile traits and habits better than any other activity. Any person, especially any youth, anywhere, will benefit by becoming a participant in swimming. This is especially true in competitive swimming under the North Texas Swimming and USA Swimming programs.

In 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the American swimmers won 33 medals, 16 of them gold! American swimmers also set some new World, Olympic and American records at this and previous Olympic Games. Every single one of those medals and newly established records can be attributed to a USA Swimming club program. Every swimmer knew what their teammates had done to reach the Olympic pinnacle, and at the end of the meet, every swimmer knew the feeling that lived inside their fellow competitors. The road to this level of success begins the same way for every young child. It is that first day of practice, that first lap, that first age-group meet and that flush of pride that comes with the first ribbon. Though very few swimmers ever make it to the Olympic Games, every swimmer can fully appreciate the talent, dedication and hard work of those swimmers that do represent their country in the world's greatest sporting spectacle. In the coming summer of the year 2021, in Tokyo, Japan, American swimmers will again compete in the Olympic Games and bring home their winning achievements.

Professional coaches are the backbone of every USA Swimming club. Swimming is one of only a handful of youth sports that has professional coaches teaching children from the very moment they enter the program. Maybe the most important thing about swimming is that it is not only a sport, it is a lifetime activity. USA Swimming, the American Swimming Coaches Association and the American Red Cross are working together to make sure that every USA Swimming coach is trained to provide the safest possible swimming environment for every child. The USA Swimming/Red Cross program is so good that it is now being used around the world.

Swimmers of all ages remember three things about their swimming experience: fun, friends and excellence. Swimming is one of the most beneficial sports. Swimmers and their parents [as club and meet officials] can participate in USA Swimming programs together as a family. There are clubs located throughout North Texas with at least one near you. If you wish to pursue swimming as a sport, contact one of the North Texas clubs and try out today!