Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Mission: To promote, inform and expand competitive swimming to underrepresented communities throughout North Texas territory.


North Texas DEI Athlete Spotlight presented by arena

USA Swimming Outreach Program:

  • Benefits: Reduced annual registration fee from $86 to $5
  • Eligibility: Outreach membership is available to all school-aged athletes who qualify for the free lunch program at their school.
  • Application form for 2022
    • The application must be accompanied by a letter from the school district stating the athlete is eligible for the free lunch program. The letter must be on district letterhead and for the current school year.
      • If the athlete is homeschooled, then the family must submit a copy of their most recent tax return and their income is checked against the Federal income eligibility guidelines.
    • The application must be submitted to the athlete's club and not directly to NTSi.

NTSi Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

  • Committee Chair: Rodrigo Pereira
  • Committee members:
    • Kenneth Chung - Official
    • Nick Johnson- Coach (MAC)
    • Dean Mijares - Coach (COPS)
    • Tu Nguyen - Official
    • Natalie Do- Athlete representative