Meet Ops

The NTSi Board of Directors approved on November 24th the 2021 LSC meet calendar, team divisions, and 2021 meet bid form, and were ratified by HOD on April 11, 2021. Sanction applications will be considered based on this approved calendar. The following are the links for these documents on the NTSi website: 2021 Approved Meet Calendar 2021 NT LSC Team Divisions 2021 LSC Meet Bid Form (bids due Jan 4th) The BOD also approved new temporary meet sanctioning application deadline of 30 days prior to the first day of the meet for meets occurring prior to August 31, 2021Meets occurring Sept 1, 2021 and later will need to be submitted no later than 60 days prior to the start of the meet.

2021 NT LSC Meet Calendar

2021 NT LSC Team Division

UPDATED COVID per session Maximum capacity 

Meet Exception request

Meet Considerations


"Sanctioning" assures that the meet will be conducted according to USA Swimming and North Texas rules and that only USA Swimming athlete members will participate. Sanction fees are submitted with the post-meet financial reports and splash fees.

"Approval" is for swim meets where USA Swimming athletes will compete but other non-registered athletes will participate. Generally this is limited to YMCA meets. See the current USA Swimming Rules and Regulations. Approved meets do not provide insurance coverage but the swimmer's result times will be usable as official results for currently-registered USA Swimming athletes. Refer to the North Texas Swimming Policies and Procedures for complete information and duedates.

The Sanctions Chair will refer to the North Texas Policies and Procedures to determine compliance. Meet Directors should review their meet information to expedite the process.

Instructions for email submittal [preferred]:
Download the Word document application to your computer and fill in the required fields. In Word, you may need to use "overwrite mode". Save your changes. Compose an email and attach your revised Word document along with any applicable additional documents, then send to the recipient designated on the form.

Instructions for hardcopy submittal [non-preferred]:
Either the Word or PDF application document may be printed, filled out and mailed to the recipient designated on the form. Alternatively, the Word document may be downloaded, required fields filled in, and then printed.

When a meet has been sanctioned, the Sanctions Chair will amend meet information with the sanction number and revision notation [as applicable] before submitting to the requester and the North Texas Swimming webmaster. To ensure proper handling of any meet information revisions, all changes must go through the Sanctions Chair and possibly the North Texas LSC Executive Board for approval before posting.

North Texas Swimming Post-Meet Requirements

The North Texas Swimming Registrar Karen Rourke will need a complete HyTek Meet Manager database backup. Please email to [email protected]. Once the registrar has confirmed swimmer registrations, the results will be uploaded by the North Texas National Times Coordinators to the USA Swimming "SWIMS" database and reports will be posted on the North Texas Swimming website.

HyTek Meet Manager Computer Operator

Each team that will bid to host meets on the North Texas Calendar must send a representative to the annual Swim Meet Computer Operations [HyTek Meet Manager] clinic conducted by North Texas Swimming, usually in September.

Swim meet computer operators must have a good understanding of how swim meets are conducted and be familiar with North Texas Swimming Policies and Procedures. Before learning how to run the software, you should meet these criteria:

  • Understand basic swim meet terminology [self-assessment]

  • Understand basic USA Swimming registration requirements [self-assessment]

  • Work one or more 4-hour USA Swimming meet sessions in at least one of these roles:

    • Clerk of Course, Timing System Operator, Certified Official, Meet Director, Coach

  • Also work one or more 4-hour USA Swimming meet sessions in at least one of these roles:

    • Lane Timer, Head Timer, Ready Bench, Awards, Safety Marshal, Runner

    • -or- Participate as an athlete

  • Also work one 4-hour session at a USA Swimming meet session as a "computer helper". You will assist with filing paperwork, handling reports, managing the printer, highlighting checkins, instructing runners, and performing other tasks under direction of the computer operator. You will only observe the computer operator, not use the software.

  • Operators must be comfortable working with Windows computers to start programs, find files in Windows File Explorer, use a web browser, send/receive email with attachments.

New operators should apprentice for at least two 4-hour meet sessions under supervision of an experienced operator before working a meet without supervision.

Colorado Timing System Operator

Each team that will borrow North Texas Swimming timing equipment must have a North Texas Swimming certified Timing System Operator. The certification is valid for two years. Equipment Chair Bob Lang conducts training at the beginning of the short course season in September and as interest warrants during the remainder of the year.

Swim Meet Safety Marshals

Safety marshals must be age 18 or older.