Submitting Meet Results

Please review the North Texas Swimming Policies and Procedures Manual for complete instructions. The instructions given here are for the media and format of electronic submittals to North Texas Swimming. The Policies and Procedures Manual details other LSC requirements.

Which Meets Will Be Posted?

ALL sanctioned competitions will have their results posted on the North Texas Swimming website and must have their meet results submitted to North Texas Swimming. Approved or Observed meets must have results submitted to North Texas Swimming in order for official times to be loaded into SWIMS, but meet results generally are not posted on the North Texas Swimming website.

File Formats and Content

Meet Database Backup

The only acceptable format for results is a Hy-Tek Meet Manager database zipped backup. To create this, start the Meet Manager software and open your meet database. Click "File" - "Backup". When you are provided for comments, you do not need to provide any. Disregard the advice to provide a Team Manager export for your North Texas Swimming submittal and okay the creation of a backup.

All meet hosts must use the Hy-Tek Meet Manager version 3 software.

Post-Meet Reviews

The results will be reviewed for adherence to NT LSC Policy and Procedure. In particular, these items may be inspected before results are accepted by the LSC:

  • All relays have the 4 swimmer names listed in the order swum

  • Overachievers are flagged with a + to indicate achievement of a new time standard as the software allows

  • Scoring is performed according to the meet information

  • Ineligible swimmers are not allowed to score points

    • Swimmers entered with "A" times at "BB/B/C" meet

    • Unattached swimmer on a relay

  • Appropriate and correct time standards have been included for this meet classification

  • Meet setup includes correct sanction number, venue, meet name and description

North Texas Swimming may conduct quality inspections of the times and request verification of conditions such as "late pad" or times that do not pass "sanity checks". Result times are not considered official until this has been done.

The meet host will be asked to make any modifications required to bring their results to compliance.

The North Texas Times Coordinator will post results into SWIMS and submit the meet database to the North Texas Swimming webmaster to post on the North Texas Swimming website Meet Results webpage. The webmaster will not accept results from other submitters.

Special Scoring

If a special meet scoring was done without using the Hy-Tek software, submit that information using a popular format such as Word, Excel, PDF, or .rtf [rich text format].

Submittal and Duedates

Meet Database Backup

Submit the meet database backup file electronically using e-mail [preferable] as a single email with attachments to the North Texas Times Coordinator at [email protected].

Due dates

Meet results for meets sanctioned by North Texas Swimming must be submitted within 10 days following the last day of competition. However, the expectation is that results will be provided on the last day of competition for "Last Chance" or other qualifying meets, and within 3 days for all other meets.

The email message headers will be used to determine compliance with due dates. Refer to the North Texas Swimming Policies and Procedures Manual for fines associated with late submittals.


If you subsequently make corrections to the meet results, you will need to re-send the revised meet database backup or other affected documents with a narrative description of the changes in the email body to recipients listed above.

Confirmation of Receipt

A confirmation email will be sent within 48 hours. If you do not receive confirmation and your meet results are not posted, please contact the North Texas Times Coordinator at [email protected].

Processing and Posting

It is advisable to review your meet results on the North Texas website and in SWIMS once they are posted.