Contact List

This contact list is for general use and for teams seeking officials for meet sanctioning and staffing. The list contains those officials, certified by North Texas Swimming, who have agreed to publish their contact information.

Updating Contact Information

If you are a certified official who would like to be added to this list, or if your information needs to be updated, please send your name and contact information to the Officials Chair.

Note that your email address is collected when you complete your certification and when you submit your USA Swimming Non-Athlete registration. If the address has changed, please ensure that the Officials Chair and Registration & Membership each have your current email address for "official" communications.

Using the List for Sanctions

The table below shows each official's name, current LSC certification, highest sanction eligibility, and email address. "Highest sanction eligibility" refers to the most experienced position for which an official can be included on an Application for Sanction. The following list shows all eligible positions:

  • Meet Referee → Any position
  • Admin Referee → Admin Referee or Admin Official
  • Starter → Starter or Stroke & Turn Judge
  • Stroke & Turn Judge → Stroke & Turn Judge only
  • Admin Official → Admin Official only

Officials Contact List

Last Name First Name Certification Sanction Eligibility Email Address
Blahnik Michael Starter Starter [email protected]
Bradford Tommy Starter Starter [email protected]
Brown Theresa Starter/Admin Official Starter/Admin Official [email protected]
Borges Denise Stroke & Turn Judge Stroke & Turn Judge [email protected]
Borges Marcel Stroke & Turn Judge Stroke & Turn Judge [email protected]
Chapa Eduardo Stroke & Turn Judge Stroke & Turn Judge [email protected]
Chinnis Chuck Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Chung Kenneth Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
DiSibio Nick Starter Starter [email protected]
Dworkin Ricki Starter Starter [email protected]
Fisher Julian Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Gentry Mike Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Gloier Nathan Deck Referee Starter [email protected]
Harbin Stacy Stroke & Turn Judge Stroke & Turn Judge [email protected]
Hewes Ken Deck Referee Starter [email protected]
Ittiruck Wit Deck Referee Starter [email protected]
Johnson Jason Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Johnson Kim Chief Judge Stroke & Turn Judge [email protected]
Johnson Traci Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Lakota Phil Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Lang Ann Admin Referee Admin Referee [email protected]
Lang Bob Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Leeper Scott Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Lutgen Craig Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Martin Laura Stroke & Turn Stroke & Turn [email protected]
Maxvill Jane Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
McDonald Michael Deck Referee Starter [email protected]
McGrath Sharon Starter Starter [email protected]
Minervini Stephanie Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Morgan Michele Stroke & Turn Judge Stroke & Turn Judge [email protected]
Nagarajan Ramesh Stroke & Turn Judge Stroke & Turn Judge [email protected]
Oster Paul Stroke & Turn Judge Stroke & Turn Judge [email protected]
Park David Stroke & Turn Judge Stroke & Turn Judge [email protected]
Petersson Harry Deck referee Starter [email protected]
Roberts Jason Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Rourke Karen Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Schuldt Gloria Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Smith Sam Starter Starter [email protected]
Sparks Adriane Starter Starter [email protected]
Steffner Robert Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Temple Lorraine Meet Referee Meet Referee [email protected]
Walker Doc Starter Starter [email protected]
Weimer Ron Starter Starter [email protected]