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New Teams

If you are interested in forming a new club, you are strongly encouraged to read these materials before contacting North Texas Swimming Membership and Registrations at [email protected]

Board Members

Board members should be currently-registered USA Swimming Nonathlete members. Each board member is responsible for making sure they are familiar with North Texas Swimming Policies and Procedures and that all athletes and coaches are currently-registered members of USA Swimming.

Team Registrations Coordinator

Each team must send a representative to the annual Registrations Coordinator clinic conducted by North Texas Swimming, usually in September.

Teams are required to audit their Team Unify database monthly, make corrections, and reaudit until all exceptions are corrected or accounted for. This is done by exporting Athletes/Teams to a file, auditing that file, and emailing the Athletes/Teams file as an attachment to North Texas Swimming Membership at [email protected]. Note that it may be acceptable to have exceptions on the report for new swimmers whose paperwork is still in progress [during their first 30 days belonging to your team.]

Meet Entries Chair

The individual who does meet entries for their team needs to work closely with their Team Registrations Coordinator to ensure that swimmers are properly registered before they are entered in competition. North Texas Swimming provides a self-service website capability to audit your team's meet entries to ensure all swimmers are currently registered prior to submitting them to the meet host. Entries for unregistered swimmers will be discarded without reimbursement by the meet host.

Entries must have their correct USA Swimming ID, legal name, preferred name as registered, birthdate, and age for each swimmer. They must be entered either attached to the club they are registered with or "Unattached". The North Texas Swimming website audits will also identify any of these errors in swimmer identication.

North Texas Swimming requires teams to use the meet entry software approved by the House of Delegates. This software is currently Hy-Tek's Team Manager. If a team submits more than 5 swimmers without using the standard software, the entry fees are doubled.

The "Lite" version of Hy-Tek Team Manager may be used for submitting entries by new teams who have ordered but not received their full licensed version of Team Manager. It is downloadable from the Hy-Tek website

Safety Coordinator

Each team is required to designate a Safety Coordinator as part of their USA Swimming Club Membership. This individual must be currently registered as a USA Swimming Non-Athlete. The Safety Chair is responsible for training all Safety Marshals when the club hosts meets as one of their main responsibilities.