Registration & Membership Forms

  • Athlete Registration

    • Club Registrars:
      • Instructions for the 2022 Athlete Registration Process
      • Please use TeamUnify to process all New, Renewing, Seasonal and Transfer Athlete Registration batches and send electronically to North Texas Swimming.  Helpful links to get your club set up: 
      • Clubs not on TeamUnify should contact [email protected]
      • An electronic invoice will be sent at the beginning of each week where registration activity took place, which will be sent to your Club Treasurer or Representative.  Please do not send payment until you receive an invoice.
    • Unattached athletes, guardians:
      • Please first verify your registration status either by checking DeckPass or by emailing [email protected]
      • Unattached athletes may register using the following link (payment required): 
    • Everyone:
      • Do not mail any forms or birth certificates to North Texas Swimming.  It is your responsibility to verify all information is correct and retain as needed prior to registering any athlete.  All registration information you submit to North Texas Swimming will be presumed correct.
      • Outreach registrations must be submitted along with documentation of eligibility (see Outreach Documentation of Eligibility, effective 1/1/2022). Documentation must be current at the time of application and not expire within 60 days. Please submit your documentation to [email protected].
      • Seasonal registrations are open.  Seasonal registrations in North Texas are effective from April 15 and are valid from registration to August 31 for competition below the Sectional, Zone and National levels. Seasonal registration cannot be transferred.
      • Transfers beginning December 1, 2021 all athletes transferring clubs registered in the current or previous swim year require a Transfer Form be completed online by a parent. Please refer to our FAQ for any questions regarding the rules around athlete transfers.
  • Non-Athlete Registration

    • Forms: 
    • Non-Athletes attached to a club, please contact your club regarding your non-athlete registration as each club's arrangement may vary. 
    • Unattached Non-Athletes or Non-Athletes who regularly pay your own registration fees may use the link provided above to register and pay your fees online directly to the LSC.
    • After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing an electronic copy of your registration form as well as a copy of the current Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy for your records.  Please do not mail anything to North Texas Swimming.
    • Allow 3-5 business days for your registration to be entered into SWIMS.  You can check this and on your compliance training requirements by logging into your USA Swimming Deck Pass. 
    • USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training is required compliance training for all registered non-athletes
    • If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]
  • Club Registration

    • Forms: 
    • Completed club application forms must be submitted by emailing [email protected].
    • No club will be registered or renewed without a completed form.
    • The registration financial summary form is no longer required.
    • An electronic invoice will be sent at the beginning of each week where registration activity took place, which will be sent to your Club Treasurer or Representative. Do not mail any forms or send any payment until receiving an invoice.
  • Swimmer Assignment Form

  • Foreign Athletes / Travel

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USA Swimming "SWIMS" Times

Please see Board Members for the current National Times Verification Chair.

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