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Joining a Team

Swimmers may join a team or compete "Unattached". You will need to contact the individual clubs for information about their programs, costs, schedules, and how to join.

For assistance finding a team located close to you, our Teams page includes a list of teams and information including pool locations. You can also contact North Texas Swimming Registration and Membership [email protected].

Each team will have age and swim proficiency prerequisites that new swimmers must meet for their ongoing swim team programs. Generally a short in-water tryout is held to determine readiness and proper placement. Most teams will either offer sessions of learn-to-swim lessons or can provide referrals to other organizations that do. Lessons information is not available through North Texas Swimming but can be obtained from individual teams.

All swimmers must be registered Athlete Members of USA Swimming to practice with a team or participate in swim meets and other sanctioned events. If you join a team, USA Swimming registration will usually be handled by your new team's administrators as part of your team signup. The Registration Info page provides current registration and transfer forms and an explanation of the "120-days rule" for swimmers who change teams.

Upcoming Swim Meets

North Texas Swimming posts a Calendar of upcoming events for the entire year. It is updated throughout the year. Approximately 30 days before a scheduled meet, detailed meet information is posted on the Meet Information webpage. Swimmers attached to a team should be entered on the team's electronic entry file. For late entries or for unattached swimmers, the North Texas Swimming Consolidated Entry Form must be completed and submitted with fees to the meet host.

Most swim meets in North Texas are "classified" so a swimmer's best times in each event determine whether they are eligible to compete in that event or in that meet. For most developmental [age group] swimmers, the USA Swimming Top-16 Based Motivational Time Standards are used. The meet information will include time standards in effect for that meet. Please ask your coach if you are not sure if you are eligible to participate in an upcoming meet.

Swimmers participating in USA Swimming meets must have a currently-registered USA Swimming Coach present. If you enter a meet where you will not have a coach, you will be assigned a temporary coach by the Meet Director. Please provide this information when you enter the meet and at Clerk of Course before you get in the pool.

Swim Meet Results

Within 10 days of the end of a swim meet, results will be posted online. Several databases are available. The North Texas website Meet Results are listed by individual meet along with scores and participating teams. Only meets sanctioned in North Texas are listed. Athletes should set up a "My USA Swimming" account on the USA Swimming website for easy access to the USA Swimming SWIMS database times search.

Outreach Programs

Swimmers from low-income families may be eligible for financial assistance on USA Swimming athlete registration fees. Eligibility for school free lunch programs will generally satisfy criteria. Individual clubs may also offer reduced fee programs for swimmers with financial need.

Swimmers with Disabilities

USA Swimming encourages people with disabilities to participate in the sport of swimming and facilitates their inclusion in USA Swimming programs through education and collaboration. We seek to involve people with disabilities in existing competitions and programs for all swimmers, rather than provide unique disability-only opportunities.

"Team North Texas"

Each year North Texas Swimming participates in the USA Swimming Southern Zone Age Group Championships at the end of the long course season. Swimmers apply for selection to "Team North Texas" and travel to an elite competition of the fastest developing age group swimmers. For many swimmers, this is their first out-of-state elite competition and a stepping stone to national championships and a wonderful experience. An Open Water Championships is included.

North Texas Swimming also sends another team to the Texas Swimming Association [TSA] All*Star Challenge. The five Texas LSC's each send a select team to participate in a single-year age group competition. North Texas Athletes are selected based on their best short course yards times and rankings on a Top 8 Leader board for the current year.

Athletes must apply to "Team North Texas" in order to be considered. Application information is provided about 2 months prior to the competition on the North Texas Swimming website.

This is Your Sport

North Texas Swimming exists to serve the needs of our athletes. Each team is encouraged to send an athlete voting delegate to North Texas Swimming House of Delegate meetings, conducted at various times during the year and posted on the Calendar In addition, the athletes elect a Senior and Junior Athlete Representative as officers of North Texas Swimming and with membership in the Technical Planning Committee, Age Group Committee, and Senior Swimming Committee. These swimmers are listed on the Board and Committee Members page. The Junior and Senior athlete representatives are encouraged to attend the annual USA Swimming Convention where critical decisions about our sport are made.

The North Texas Swimming Bylaws contain a "job description" of the Athlete representatives and the Athlete Committee.

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