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Record Application

Stephanie Minervini is the North Texas Swimming Records Chair.

Refer to North Texas Swimming Policies and Procedures for complete requirements.

The North Texas Swimming Records Chair automatically evaluates final meet results for possible records from meets sanctioned by and held within the North Texas LSC. They will also review USA Swimming National Championships and USA Swimming Southern Zone Championships.

The coach of a swimmer achieving a time for record evaluation shall submit a formal request for record consideration for other meets:

  • USA Swimming meets sanctioned by USA Swimming LSC's other than North Texas - include request and final results.

  • High School, Intercollegiate, Interscholastic meets - include formal request, final results, and verification that the swim was observed by certified USA Swimming deck officials including statement that two lane timers per competition lane were used and that the meet was approved by the USA Swimming LSC in which the meet was held.

Failure to submit the appropriate materials shall result in the time not being considered for record evaluation.