COVID Meet Policies


Will be following daily swim practice policies upon entry into the facility.  Upon being dropped off in front of the building, swimmers will stand on designated spots, with masks on, waiting their turn for temperature and health related check.  

Upon entry into the pool, each swimmer will be given a ziplock bag to store their mask while they are in the pool (warm-up/down, competing).  They will proceed into the natatorium remaining 6 ft apart to the designated area to get ready to warm-up.



There shall no more than 4 swimmers per lane for warm-up, warm-down.  Seating arrangements shall also follow 6 ft. distance procedures.

This meet will follow North Texas guidelines on the number of swimmers per session.

Swimmers will not have access to locker rooms.  Changing should be done prior to arrival.  Locker rooms will be used for restroom use only, one individual at a time.


Volunteers will also follow the entry procedures.  

1 Timer per lane per session. 1 backup timer per session. 

Coaches will remain 6 ft. distance from one another, and when speaking to swimmers.  Both must wear face masks.

For race heats -  Swimmers will be staged 6 ft apart on designated spots, with masks on.  There will be designated chairs/tables for the swimmer to put a mask (inside of their ziplock bag) during their race.  Upon completion of heat, the swimmer exits the water and puts on a mask (taking their ziplock bag as well).  Timers will stay to the left of the blocks and remain 6ft from swimmers.  

All swimmers will enter and exit going in the same direction. (Directions will be marked)

All volunteers will remain at a 6 ft distance, and wear masks covering nose and mouth.  Admin and timing system operators will follow the same protocol.