Metro Allen Financial Policy

Please take some time to read the financial policy. For questions, please email [email protected]. When looking at your invoice check out the Current Invoice Summary to understand where your charges are from (dues, meets, etc).

1. Bills are sent out on or about the 1st of every month. These bills may include the following:

  • Dues for that month
  • Swim meet charges
  • Donations (example Hospitality Dollars)
  • Event charges (such as awards banquet)
  • USA registration ($86 billed per swimmer every October)
  • Metro registration ($125 billed per family every November)
  • Spirit Wear ($50 billed per swimmer every February)
  • Service hour charges ($500 billed per family every January if hours not met – see Service Hour Policy)


2. Payment is due on the 1st. Checks may be placed in the mailbox at the Allen pool (on side of Metro Store), or in the mailbox at the Lovejoy pool (on stairs up to the pool as you enter) or mailed to us at:

Metroplex Aquatics

1314 W. McDermott

Suite 106 #521

Allen, TX 75013   

ACH auto debit on the Metroplex Aquatics website can be setup (must be setup before last day of month to work for next month) or use your bank online pay feature (Please put swimmer's name in the comments for online pay with your bank)

3. Payments received after the 15th will be considered late and will be charged a $10 late fee.


4. If you are late ordering a team suit (within 30 days of joining the team), you will not be allowed to swim until the account is made current.


5. For families with outstanding balances of over 60 days, their swimmers will not be allowed to swim until the account is made current. 


6. Failure to receive a bill is not an excuse for non-payment. Families must contact the bookkeeper at [email protected] if they are currently not receiving a bill.

7. There will be a $25 charge for checks returned to Metroplex Aquatics for insufficient funds.

8. Upon leaving the team, you must notify Brent at [email protected] and our bookkeeper at [email protected] before the 25th of the month you are quitting the team. Failure to notify both before then will result in your account incurring additional monthly dues while your swimmer is not participating in practice. Next month dues will be added to your account at midnight the last day of the next month.  Your obligation for payment of dues is only terminated by this timely notification. Your escrow will be returned upon request; otherwise, 60 days after termination any remaining escrow money will be considered a tax-deductible donation to Metroplex Aquatics. Any outstanding balances are owed to Metroplex Aquatics and must be paid in a timely manner or they will be sent to a collection agency.  ACH auto debit is the families responsibility to turn on and to turn off due to the sensitivity of the information required.

9. If your swimmer gets injured, they may request a medical leave of absence. You must notify Brent at [email protected] and our bookkeeper at [email protected] You must submit a doctor's note stating the purpose and length of leave required. During this time, you will not be charged for dues.


10. If you would like to leave the team for a short hiatus (less than 6 months), you must continue to pay monthly dues. If greater than 6 months, the family terminates membership with the team and may rejoin, paying the initial registration fees. If the group the swimmer is assigned to is full, the swimmer will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list. 


11. If you have not received your password to log in within one week of joining the team, please contact our registration coordinator at [email protected].


12. There is a multiple swimmer discount
         6% dues discount for accounts with 2 swimmers
         7% dues discount for accounts with 3 swimmers

         8% dues discount for accounts with 4 swimmers
         9% dues discount for accounts with 5 swimmers