Metro News July 2021

Allison Hargraves

Happy July Everyone!

1. Summer break: We will not have practice from July 31st- August 15th. Practice will start back on August 16th!

2. We are working on the fall schedule and will let you know when it is set.

3. We really need your help.  We can’t run meets without y’all.  Don’t be worried if you’ve never done it before, we’ve all been new at some point!  I know people worry about messing up as a timer, but you are not the only thing timing the swimmer, it is okay! Safety marshall- again, you do not need any special training (you stand up, wear a super cool neon vest, and make sure swimmers are being safe on deck). Please consider pitching in even if your swimmer isn’t in the meet, you all enable the swimmers to do what they love.  

4. American Long Course meet: Numerous volunteer positions are still open.
A positive balance on your service hour account shows the number of hours you owe by 12/31/2021. Those not meeting their obligation will be assessed a $500 fee.
Confused on your balance? Contact [email protected]

5. Hospitality drive started and runs through the 13th. See the website for details and eligibility. 

6. The Metro Store at the Lovejoy location continues to be open Mondays 4:45pm-6:00pm.
Any store/merchandise questions can go to [email protected]

7. USA Swimming has updated the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy, and it can be found here.

Now for the Swimmers of the Month our coaches have sent for June!


Blue 1-
Yarik Shkundaleu:
I can tell he is taking everything I tell him and applying it to his strokes. Great improvement over the last month. 

Blue 2-
Ethan Liddy:
He has overcome certain struggles we’ve been working on and always asks questions on how to further improve. 

Orange 1 and 2:
Everyone who went to the meet! There were a lot of great swims, and even some B times. Bob and Nick are really proud of their performances.

Aidan Tan
Aidan has shown a lot of focus this month on improving his technique and interval times! 

Lauren Robinson
Had an amazing meet! Also works really hard in practice.

Annabelle Hyland
Did really well in the meet. Pushed through that 1000. Has an amazing attitude during practice.

AG 1
Evan Tenkhoff
Evan has been one of the few kids that has been leading the group in practices this summer. Not only does his work ethic show in practice, but it finally paid off this past weekend when he was able to get his first A cut.

No one, yet everyone. When summer schedule began, I told you that it was going to be difficult. You all have exceeded my expectations and the fruits of your labor are starting to show. Keep up the hard work, the season end is rapidly approaching.

Addison Crawford
Addison has been very dedicated to continuing to become stronger in the water and during dryland. She has put 110% effort each time she enters the pool.
Connor Broderick
Connor has been constantly dedicating himself in practice and dryland. He has been pushing himself to become stronger as a swimmer and a leader in the pool. 

Izzy Thibodeau
Izzy crushed it at our last meet – earning over 6 A times! I am seriously blown away by Izzy's attendance, focus and dedication at practice. Obviously all that hard-work has been paying off! I cannot wait to see how she tackles the next meet! 

SR 1
Trevan Valena
Great meet at Bill Nixon along with strong workouts.



Aakash Yerubandi
Aakash is always focused and he comes to practice ready to work his hardest each and every day. 

Peyton Fields
He works hard when asked to correct his mistakes

Owen Horsley
He is consistently working hard

Sloan Anderson
Sloan always has a good attitude at practice and consistently works hard

Ian Wright
Ian has made a lot of improvements in the last month and has been working really hard in practice

Arthur Fiorese
Great swims at the meet, and big improvements at practice.

SR 1/2/DEV 
Sage Korman
Sage has just crushed the beginning of this summer, and capped off her great practices with a great meet dropping time in all events. 

Thanks everyone!
Allison Hargraves
Metroplex Aquatics President