McKinney Swim Group Schedule

McKinney: Apex Centre

A few facts about the groups at Allen/Lovejoy, McKinney, and Forney.

  • If you or your swimmer have any questions about the group they are in, or changing groups, please contact their coach.
  • The order of groups from beginning to most advanced is Intro, Blue, Orange, AG4, AG3, AG2, AG1, Senior 3, Senior, 2, Senior 1, and Senior Elite.
  • Some pools have additional senior groups that you can speak to the coach about.
  • All the intro groups at a location are the same level, this is also true for all the Blue groups at a location and the Orange groups at a location. 
  • Groups denoted as early or late are also the same level (AG4 early is the same level as AG4 late).
  • Your swimmer cannot rotate between different groups of the same level.
  • Your swimmer can swim every day their specific group is scheduled to swim. For instance an orange 2 swimmer can swim all 5 days the orange 2 groups swims at that location.  They will get out of it what they put in.  The monthly rate is the same regardless of how many times they attend.
  • A coach uses their knowledge of your swimmer's technique, speed, maturity, and effort to determine when a swimmer should change groups.