at Forney

Forney ISD Aquatic Center
431 Inspiration Way

From first putting their head underwater to preparing for swim team tryouts, Metro swim lessons can help your child reach their swimming goals.  Swimming is not only fun and great exercise, it can also be a lifesaving skill.  We want to pass along our love of swimming while teaching your child to be safe in the water.

We host swim lessons at our Forney Location 


Sign Up Online

Use the swim lessons portal below to sign up for lessons. You will be asked to create a new account login for the portal. 

Our swim lessons are $130 per session.
One session consists of eight, thirty minute classes.

Forney ISD employees receive a 20% discount.

All payments can also be made online.  We accept cash, credit cards and checks (made out to Swim Lessons with Metro).


For more information on swim lessons:

Please contact Sierra Ramos

(469)891-3607 or [email protected]

To Determine Which Level Your Swimmer Is At:

  • Your swimmer needs to be able to do EVERY item on a given level before they move to the next level.
  • So if they can do 3 out of 4 items on Level 2, they will register for level 2. If they can do 4 out of 4 items on Level 2, then they should register for Level 3.
  • Questions on which level to register for? Contact Coach Jamie at [email protected]
Level 1   Blowing bubbles with face underwater
    Front float with correct head position
    Kick with straight legs
    Correct streamline (out of the water)
Level 2   15 second unassisted back float
    Seated dives
    10 second unassisted front float
    Assisted free swim, full arm movement, side breath (roll), correct head position
Level 3   5 yard assisted backstroke
    5 yard unassisted freestyle
    Kneeling dive, hand then head entry
    15 seconds unassisted float- start on stomach, roll to back to breath, roll to stomach (4 rolls)
Level 4   Backstroke start
    Standing dive, hand to head entry
    5 yards unassisted backstroke- opposite arms (never in same position) 
    10 yards unassisted freestyle- catchup not losing lead arm
Level 5   25 yards unassisted freestyle
    15 yards unassisted backstroke
    Butterfly kick against the wall, proper leg movement
    6-8 underwater freestyle kicks while pushing off wall
    Standing dives, hand to toe entry
Level 6   25 yards unassisted backstroke
    25 yards breastroke kick- feet move at same time
    25 butterfly kick- feet stay glued, not kicking bottom
    Seated block dives
Level 7   25 yards breastroke with a pullout
    Backstroke with 3-4 dolphin kicks underwater
    15 yards unassisted butterfly- front breath, arms above surface together, feet stay together
    Kneeling block dives
Level 8   Free/backstroke competition dive with 3-4 dolphin kicks
    Open/flip turns
    All strokes have good breakouts
    25 yards unassisted butterfly- body works together about 80%
Pre-team   50 yards of each stroke
    Open/flip turns with proper underwaters and breakouts
    100 IM swim
    Interval/clock work