McKinney Tryout Information


Contact [email protected] for information or to schedule an appointment for a tryout.

The swimmer must be able to do 1 length freestyle and 1 length backstroke to join the team 

Things to know about joining Metroplex Aquatics:

  • Swim group schedule and monthly fees are found under the McKinney Schedule page
  • Annual Fees include:
    • USA Registration $84.00 (billed per swimmer every October)
    • Metro Registration $125 (billed per family every November)
    • Team swimsuit (required annually for each swimmer) 
    • Spirit Wear $50.00 (billed per swimmer every February)
    • Team backpack and Warm ups (required every 3 years for each swimmer)
    • Discounts offered for families with multiple swimmers
  • Service Hour Policy
    • Each family has a 20 hour service commitment for the team each calendar year 
    • If a family chooses, they may pay $500 in lieu of this service commitment
    • Hours are pro-rated for families joining the team mid-year 
      • Families joining in January through March have a 20 hour per year commitment.
      • Families joining in April through May have a 15 hour commitment.
      • Families joining in June and July have a 10 hour commitment.
      • Families joining in August and September have a 5 hour commitment.
      • Families joining in October through December have no service hour commitment.