Volunteer Page

The following is information regarding our team Volunteer Policy.  This information is taken from our Team Manual. 


Volunteers can be a great asset to any organization and help enrich all aspects of our program. Family participation is necessary to ensure the continued success of the team. Throughout you and your family’s association with MARS, we ask you support the team through volunteer activities. One of the main events that require many volunteers are our swim meets that we host several times per year. According to USA swimming, successful swim meets require approximately 60 volunteers. Therefore, a successful MARS meet requires volunteers from each swimmer’s parents. 

For 2020, every family, in our Bronze Group or above, is required to complete 24 points by December 31st.  Families that join the club after June 1st will be prorated.

Any hour not completed will result in a charge of $25 for each hour not completed. Please see Appendix A of the Team Manual for the complete details and list of volunteer jobs. 

A chart of volunteer opportunities and their associated hours can be found in the Team Manual in Appendix A.  This chart is a sample chart an is not an exhaustive list of volunteer opportunities.  We welcome new ideas from our families.  We all have special skills, some of which may be beneficial to the team as a whole. If you have an idea that you think may help please let us know.  Contact Coach Lauren to discuss your ideas.

Each family's volunteer hour total can be found under their account, which can be viewed after you log in to the system.