SIGMA began out of the Benbrook YMCA as Benbrook Aquatics in October 2007. By early 2009, the team had grown from 20 to 80 swimmers, had amassed numerous YMCA accolades, and was the home to 2 USA Swimming nationally ranked swimmers, 6 high school state swimming qualifiers, 8 high school regional champions, and 4 USA Swimming state ranked swimmers.

In the fall of 2009, 45 swimmers moved from Benbrook to Texas Wesleyan University and Sigma was officially in business. It was a very uncertain yet exciting time in the history of Sigma as families and swimmers had to have faith that the trials and tribulations would yield a harvest. 

Sure enough, through the hard work, perseverance, and teamwork of swimmers, parents, and coaches, Sigma overcame adversity. Seven years after Sigma began operating independently, Sigma is now the largest aquatics provider in the Fort Worth Metroplex with over 700 swimmers, 9 unique swimming programs, and 7 locations.

You are invited to become a contributing member in the writing of Sigma's next chapter. We welcome all swimmers, of all abilities, and of all interest levels. Come find out why our swimmers, coaches, and parents consider Sigma to truly be the sum of all aquatic elements!