I do want to say I swam competitively, growing up. Having seen what I experienced as a kid through my teen years, I feel I can spot great coaching. Finding Sigma has been such a blessing for my kids! - Ashley G., Lake Worth

I would like to say that my husband and I are quite impressed with SIGMA Swim Team.  We feel that swimming is great exercise and a good team & individual sport.  We’d also like to mention that the coaches work well with the swimmers and truly have the kids’ best interests at heart.  You and your husband are very easy to work with as site coordinators.  General communication, meaning emails to parents, was always detailed, easy to understand and appreciated. - Michelle G., Lake Worth

Shout out to Coach Zo for helping our daughter at her first USA swim meet in years! Great support and encouragement! Thanks to Coach Wendy for the congrats texts since she couldn't be at two places. The TWU coaches are exemplary examples of what positive role models should look like. - Sharon T., Fort Worth

I wanted to let you guys know that Sigma has been a blessing to our family and was by far the best decision we made!   Sigma has taught my children much more discipline and determination.  They have learned to not be afraid of challenges and that they can definitely accomplish so much. My kids have learned not only to swim but to be fit, more physically active, not to be afraid of changes and challenges, to be determined and disciplined, this program has brought our family more united and for that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you so much for creating Sigma and for making it affordable / available to so many families no matter what their status. I had never came across such a caring organization that made itself available to  anyone that wanted to  join , that does not generalize, a company that is actually affordable and that cares about the families involved. You are always more than fair and understanding and I thank you for everything you do!

A huge thanks to all the coaches that taught my kids, husband and I  how to swim, for all their patience they had with us! - Alma A., Lake Worth

Our kids have learned more swimming with Sigma than they have at any other school we've tried.  We will be back! - Martha M., Fort Worth

We have been so pleased with Shaena as Henry's teacher. She was so kind to move us to Tues/Thurs lessons which have been a better schedule for our family. She is patient and caring toward Henry. He has made much progress with her. - Katherine F., North Richland Hills

My son is currently enrolled in swimming lessons in North Richland Hills with Coach Friday MWF @ 4:30 PM.  We have been absolutely thrilled at the progress our son has made over the past 3 months with Coach Friday, it really is astonishing. - Shawna L., North Richland Hills

Hi, I just wanted to say how thankful I am for Sigma swimming school and i'm very thankful to Coach Friday for helping my 5 year old daughter Roslyn overcome her fears to swim...She is not afraid of the water any longer and she keeps improving more and more on her swimming...she loves swimming now...we love coach Friday.. my daughter told me she is going to be Coach Friday Roslyn and teach her little brother how to swim..LOL!!!  and thank you to the young lady that trained my daughter on her last week of swimming lessons, she was also great. I feel so bad that I can't remember her name....but she was also amazing. - Reveca M., North Richland Hills

All of you have been so great!!!  Our girls love the swim lessons. You guys are here for us for the true cause. I have recommended several parents about Sigma Swimming. We are really thankful to all the team members. God bless you all. - Binaya C., Lake Worth

We really do appreciate all you do for the kids.  As a former swimmer in high school it's so nice to find a swim club like Sigma that stresses teamwork and doing your best rather than just winning.  I think it shows in all the wimmers and they perform better because of it. - Rachel B., Lake Worth

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the Sigma program.  Coach Wendy has been just wonderful—Our daughter loves swimming and tells me she wants to drop her art class and swim more in the Spring (which is pretty amazing if you know her!).  She’s learning so much!!

And our son absolutely ADORES Coach Jissis and is making such fantastic progress.  I cannot believe the progress he’s made on his freestyle and backstroke.  His strokes are looking just beautiful! We’ve tried numerous extracurricular activities over the past couple of years (t-ball, taekwondo, basketball, TCU swim lessons) and this is the first time that he has been really engaged and excited about going, week after week after week. - Erin C., Fort Worth

We wanted you to know, as his coaches, that so much of this award is due to your input every week. Your encouragement, support, discipline, goals, and all the other valuable tools you give him every week have helped him in more ways than can be counted. This award is a direct result of all of that. Thank you for all you do and for the positive influence you are in our son's life. We truly appreciate you and wanted you to share in the success. - Adam and Mende F., Lake Worth

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for being such an amazing coach for our daughter! You are calling things out of her as swimmer that we as her parents can see, but haven't been able to get her to perform. I can see the change in her since you began coaching her. She respects you deeply and listens deeply to all of your compliments and your constructive criticisms. Thank you- you are doing a great job with these kids!!! - Leah M., Lake Worth

Your swim family has changed our son and our lives so much. We will be back, as I know Josiah now regards this as the base from which to compare his future swimming endeavors. He has grown so much, and swimming has raised his grades, and gain so much maturity and poise. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, the encouragement and goal setting now outline new paths for him. This has truly been a rewarding experience. Actually its just begun. Again thanks so much. - Melanna & Loran T., Lake Worth

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you. We have been coming to the Lake Worth TCC sigma location for just about a year. Hannah has thrived in Sigma. She has overcome a lot her in life. Since she was very young, all she has wanted to be is a swim coach.. I still don't know where it came from! But that is what she wants to be. I always thought she would just have to wait until high school to be able to get started in swim until we found you. Since we have started, Hannah has just thrived in and out of the water. It has given her confidence, self esteem, her grades her improved, her speech has improved... Sigma has made a difference in her life. And for the better. I just want to say thank you. Thank you So much. For staffing it with amazing people, who care about each individual swimmer as people and not numbers. For Debbie, Jeff, Jonathan, Each of these people have poured into her and made a difference in her life. We look forward to many, many more years at Sigma. - Amy C., Lake Worth

I want to let you know that we have been so happy with the lessons and Coach Friday. He has had such patience with our son and seems to have such a talent for knowing when to slow down to make our son feel more comfortable and when to go ahead and push him out of that comfort zone.  Coach Friday has been able to take him from a kid who was afraid to use the kickboard to a kid who can put his face in the water and swim from one side to the other. Our son still needs work but he is getting there.  If something were to ever happen I feel that he now has the ability to swim to the side of the pool to save himself, for that I cannot thank you enough!!! - Christa K., North Richland Hills

Our daughter is doing great and is learning so much from you and we really appreciate everything you are teaching her.  You are doing a great job!  You have a great group there and we really enjoy the learning atmosphere that y'all create. - John M., Fort Worth

It's been such an awesome experience working with you! Josh has grown so much as a swimmer since being in the program. Very pleased with our participation. - Kiasi V., Fort Worth

I can't believe how much Elizabeth has grown as a swimmer. When I watch her swim in our HOA pool. I am truly impressed. Thank you so much! Her self-confidence in swimming has been restored. It is difficult to see the swimming growth next to all those elite Sigma swimmers. As Elizabeth's mother, I just wanted to say thank you. - Tiffany J., Lake Worth

We have been extremely pleased with her lessons under Coach Friday. We really enjoyed having him as her teacher. He is great! Thanks for a great swim experience for our daughter! We now tell people about Sigma all the time! - Stephanie H., North Richland Hills

The SIGMA family is full of wonderful people we have been so proud to call our friends.  The care with which our family has been taken care of has been wonderful and I always praise this organization and refer anyone I can! Our daughter has developed such strength and discipline in the pool that has also spread to her studies and family responsibilities.  My boys have had so much fun.  I have truly enjoyed watching my children's progress physically and emotionally! Many thanks to you Andrew, Karen and all the coaches that have helped our family as well as to Debbie and Joe Hasler for making this such an enjoyable program to belong to. - Christen M., Lake Worth

I’d watch my friends swim and think, “I want to do that.”  But I couldn’t.  Swimming just wasn’t coming easily for me.  Watching swimming videos and practicing wasn’t getting me anywhere.   It was tempting to just give up the notion of swimming altogether.

But then I found Sigma Swimming.  During the very first lesson I knew they would help me “get it.”

Coach Adam is excellent!  He instructs brilliantly, in a way that teaches not just the How, but also the Why.  And he does it with patience and a sense of humor -- he even has me laughing during the lessons.  (Believe me, before Sigma I was so frustrated in the pool that there was little to laugh about.)

It felt pretty amazing the other day when one of the lifeguards at my local pool saw me swimming and said, “Hey, you’re swimming now.  Great progress.”  I told him it was all thanks to Sigma. - Larry C., Adult Student, Arlington

My grandson had his last lesson and I just want to tell you what a great, enjoyable experience it was. Eric is a top notch professional who was very patient with all of the kids in the class. He had such a connection with each one of them and as a result my grandson learned to do many things he didn't know prior to taking the class. - Donna R., North Richland Hills

My son has made leaps and bounds since his first day. He did have a scare on that first day but he championed on and just "yesterday" he was swimming on his own for a good 3 to 4 strokes. Impressive and happy day indeed! He and his coach work well together! - Andre P., North Richland Hills

I just finished my last class for the year and want to tell you that I had an amazing experience. Both Rachel and Adam are great coaches, very knowledgeable and motivating. - Ana M., Fort Worth

I could thank you thousands of times and it would not be enough to let you know how much I appreciate you and your skills. The reason for the repetitive appreciation shows how much relief I have received and the depth of the fear I had. This probably seems small to you because of your level of skill. However, I hope you realize the freedom you provide in a person's life by doing what you are doing. Not just mine but everyone that you and your team works with. - DeWayne I., Fort Worth

We went to the lake and I LOVED seeing my son use what he has learned out there! His friends were impressed too! - Rachael W., Crowley

I have been very pleased with every aspect of your program and am so grateful we had the opportunity to participate. - Roxanne W., Fort Worth

I have to let you know that I am so pleased and so happy with your swim school. My daughter seems to be doing very well and enjoying her lessons. She is very comfortable with her instructor which makes it such a relief for me. Her instructor works so well with the kids and he seems to really take teaching the kids seriously. So thank you all so much for giving us such a wonderful experience! - Latoya M., Fort Worth

I wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience we have had swimming with Sigma! Our daughter has learned so much and has looked forward to swimming every week! She practices her backstroke in the bathtub and her side-breathing in the grocery cart at the store! And we can't say enough about Coach Eric. I know young preschoolers can be a difficult age group to work with and he manages it calmly and with a smile, always positive! - Katie N., Lake Worth

I was impressed that all of your instructors seemed to be serious about instructing by paying great attention to each one of the adult swimmers! - Makiko O., Fort Worth

My daughter's coach was great with her and she loved every minute of it. I can't wait for my daughter to learn so much at Sigma! Thank you again! - Kristine C., Fort Worth

My son has really gotten to love swimming thanks to Sigma. - Maria S., Fort Worth

Thank you so much for doing such a great job with these kids and for making swim practice a good place for them to be. - Jonna S., Fort Worth

I must commend you on running such a well-organized swim club! When I first learned about Sigma, I couldn't quite figure out how it could be such a good club with so many locations. But now that we've been part of the club for 2 months, I am duly impressed with how you run everything! - Ami R., Keller

Thank you for taking such good care of your young swimmers! - Shelly H., Cleburne

GREAT PRACTICES!!! I love the tech work and how it builds my confidence. - Sharon B., Fort Worth

While there are many great coaches at Sigma, I truly feel that Coach Eric has a unique gift in working with small children. My daughter like many new swimmers cried and screamed her first day and is now doing great. She is excited to go to swim team and work with Eric and he does such a wonderful job building confidence with the small swimmers. - Sonia K., Lake Worth

Wanted to let you know that my daughter LOVES the team; we are so glad that we made the switch. - Christine H., Benbrook

I can tell that my son's confidence is high and that he's enjoying practice. So, thanks!! - Rick R., Keller

Your discipline, passion for the sport, and dedication to the advancement of the swimmers is inspiring. - Carll M., Aledo

Thank you for the time and interest you take into not only my child but all of your swimmers.  Your efforts are appreciated and do not go unnoticed. - Lori O., Fort Worth

He is very happy swimming for you.  You have done an outstanding job coaching him.  I see the improvement in his swimming and confidence.  Thank you so much. - Gina F., Fort Worth

I am so happy with Sigma and the great strides that my son has made as well. - Leatha S., Saginaw