Sigma Swimming Metroplex Aquatics offers need-based scholarships for all ages, abilities, and interest levels. We do our best to give financially limited families a way to be a part of our award-winning, nationally-ranked program.

Sigma Swimming Metroplex Aquatics has a limited number of scholarships that are available to help swimmers cover training fees.

Requirements for scholarship are listed below (must submit at least 2 out of the below 3 documents):

  1. Current school year of eligibility for reduced or free lunches/school meals print out
  2. Current filed and signed income tax form
  3. Current income statements

When seeking to qualify for a scholarship as a current member of Sigma, accounts must be current (no outstanding balance). Cases are considered on a case-by-case basis by Sigma Swimming.

Requirements to maintain scholarship eligibility:

  1. Must be an asset to Sigma in ways such as but not limited to:
    1. Volunteering at Splash swim meets.
    2. Helping with various team functions and tasks.
    3. Assisting to make your location a welcoming environment and better place.
    4. Showing appreciation through a positive attitude towards Sigma, its staff, and other families.
  2. Account remains in good standing (no delinquent/late payments, no outstanding balances).
  3. Reapply every September and March.

A violation of any of the above will result in the immediate forfeiture of scholarship and may jeopardize any future scholarship opportunities. Applicant will be eligible to reapply for a scholarship after one application period has passed (e.g. Scholarship terms violated in November, cannot reapply in January, must wait until July).

Swimmers are responsible for all costs of swimwear, training equipment, transportation, meet entry fees, and registration fees.

Please submit all documentation by email to and

USA Swimming also offers an "Outreach" reduced athlete registration fee for Tier 1-8 swimmers. Please contact or for more information.