Tuition Policy

The purpose of our tuition policy is to ensure the long-term stability of our organization, minimize delinquent accounts, pay our coaches and rental fees on time, and cover our other operating costs. Thank you in advance for complying with our tuition policy.

General Tuition Policy

Little Swimmers, Youth Swim School (Tier 10), Pre-Swim Team (Tier 9), Swim Team (Tiers 1-8), Adult Learn-to-Swim, Adult Masters and Fitness Swim, Water Polo, College Swimmers

  1. An annual/yearly registration fee (not to exceed $100 per swimmer) is required for each swimmer joining and continuing with Sigma. The annual registration fee will vary by program. This fee will be charged to your account when you first register as well as every October.
  2. Each account will be assessed a monthly $5 administration fee. This fee is per account, not swimmer under the account (e.g. A family account with 3 swimmers will be assessed a $5 monthly fee).
  3. All monthly billing is completed by bank or credit card auto-draft. Cash, check, or other forms of payment (eg. PayPal, Venmo, QuickPay) are NOT acceptable forms of monthly tuition payment.
  4. Monthly billing will occur even if you or your child has not been attending practices.
  5. Tuition is considered late after the 5th of each month. A $10 fee will be assessed for all tuition payments that do not clear by the 10th of the month. Late payments or payments that did not clear must be resolved through
  6. Beginning on the 10th of each month, swimmers will not be allowed in the water until payment is received.

Sigma Coaches

  1. We employ high school, college, adult, part-time, and full-time instructors/coaches. We do our very best to keep your child with the same instructor because we understand the value of continuity and relationships in the learning process.
  2. However, life happens and our instructors graduate, move, and move on. We will always do our best to maintain the continuity and relationship between your swimmer and his/her preferred instructor.

Vacations, Holidays, Make-up Lessons, and Medical Leave

Our goal is to hold every scheduled swim session for the month. We WANT to coach you or your child. Unfortunately, national holidays, inclement weather, and pool maintenance are the most common reasons to cause a closure or cancellation.

We DO NOT offer make-ups or account credits:

  1. National holidays (e.g. July 4, Christmas, New Year's, etc.) or widely accepted breaks (e.g. March Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break). We account for these breaks in the fact that some months are longer than others and therefore, may offer more than the typical 8 swim lesson classes per month.
  2. If YOU must cancel or are unable to attend. We work with hundreds of families and this would create a logistical nightmare for our administrators.

If you are a Swim Team (Tier 1-8), Pre-Swim Team (Tier 9), Adult Masters, Adult Fitness, Water Polo, or College Swimmer, the monthly tuition will remain the same year-round, including the months with team breaks, national and religious holidays.

We DO offer make-ups or account credits:

  1. Unexpected pool closure due to maintenance or facility closure. (Does NOT apply to Swim Team (Tier 1-8), Pre-Swim Team (Tier 9), Adult Masters, Adult Fitness, Water Polo, and College Swimmers)
  2. Inclement weather. In the event that we must cancel a lesson due to inclement weather, we will offer a make-up lesson option. This make-up lesson might not fall on your ideal day/time. In the event that we cannot offer a make-up lesson, Sigma will then credit your account for the prorated cost of the missed lesson. We will not credit your account if you cannot make the make-up lesson. (Does NOT apply to Swim Team (Tier 1-8), Pre-Swim Team (Tier 9), Adult Masters, Adult Fitness, Water Polo, and College Swimmers)
  3. Medical reasons that are documented by a physician and lasting 21 days or more.


Most of our locations that offer swim lessons generally offer 1 make-up lesson day per month. This make-up day may vary by location and is to be used to make up days missed due to inclement weather, unforeseen closures, and cancellations made by Sigma. If we are able to schedule make-up days, they will usually be on a Friday or Saturday.

Inclement Weather

Sometimes, we wait until as late as 30 minutes prior to the start of the day's sessions to make a call on the weather. Texas weather can be very unpredictable at times, both for and against us. Please understand that we want to coach you or your child and our delay in announcing a cancellation is most likely due to us pacing back and forth trying to predict the weather based on satellite images and forecasts. It is a loss for everyone if we must have to cancel and session.


Accident Clause

Sigma understands that accidents happen. The facilities that rent to us often work with other organizations and patrons. Hundreds of swimmers depend on our facilities being operational. We need to prevent contamination accidents involving bodily fluids.

  1. Please ensure you or your child eats 1.5 hours (or earlier) prior to your/his/her scheduled session.
  2. Please ensure you or your child has used the restroom (#1 and/or #2) before your/his/her scheduled session.
  3. If you or your child has an accident (e.g. vomit, feces) that results in a closure, the first occurrence will result in a $25 fee. On the second occurrence, a $200 fee will be assessed. On the third occurrence, your account will be canceled with no refund.


Leaving Sigma and Recurring Billing

Whether leaving Sigma permanently or temporarily, you MUST complete the Sigma Exit Form 1 full month in advance:

To check your billing, please follow these instructions:

Log in to your account (Top Left Corner at Email if you need assistance with this step)

  1. On the left side of the page, find "My Account"
  2. Under “Billing” select "Invoices & Payments"


Setting up your bank or credit card auto-draft:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. On the left side of the page, find "Billing"
  3. Select & "Set Up Autopay"


Updated 09/17/2020