Tier Equipment Name Link Note
1-10 Goggles Metro Store Optional (Choose what works best for your child)
1-10 Team cap Site Coordinator Required - See your site coordinator to purchase a cap
1-10 Team suits Male, Female Required (T1-8), Optional (T9-10)
1-10 Spirit wear Metro Store Required (T1-8), Optional (T9-10)
1-9 Equipment mesh bag Finis, TYR Required (T1-8), Optional (T9)
1-9 Kick board (small/junior) Adidas Required
1-9 Fins (short) Finis Required
1-9 Fin socks Finis Optional (Helps to preven blisters when wearing fins)
1-8 Water bottle Any Required
1-8 Breaststroke fins Speedo Optional (By coach's request)
1-7 Pull buoy (regular or junior) Adidas Required
1-6 Paddles #1, #2, #3 Required (Most swimmers are #1, ask coach for #2 or #3)
1-6 Snorkel Finis Required
1-5 Blue kickball Dolphin Required
1-5 Anti-Paddles Strokemax Required
1-5 Nose plug Dolphin Required
1-5 Tempo trainer Finis Optional (By coach's request)
1-4 DragSox AquaVolo Required (Size: 45)
1-3 Monofin Finis Optional (By coach's request)