Swimming schedule for December, January

Sara Minogue
Great news: the Swim-a-thon was a huge success. We raised more than $13,000 and swam over 320 kms in all. Prizes will be awarded at the Husky House movie night Dec. 16. 
Here's a peak at the schedule for December and January, with one away meet penciled in for April 28. 
Dec. 3 - No Saturday swimming.
Dec. 4-5 - ICS Coaching Course.
Dec. 8-12 - Sandy Ferris Meet in Calgary - This means no Swim for Life Dec. 8, no Saturday swimming Dec. 10, and no Dolphins swimming on Monday Dec. 12.
Dec. 16 - movie night! The Husky House intramural swim team hosts a fun event from 4-6:30 at the pool: Floating movie, pizza, cupcakes and treats. Siblings welcome! 
Dec. 19 - Dolphins 1/2/3 Meet – 4-6:30 - all swimmers welcome. Last day for most swimmers before Christmas.
Dec. 19/20/21 - Gold swimming continues.
Jan. 6-8 - Sr. Frostbite Camp
Jan. 9 - Swimming resumes for Cubs and above. 
Jan. 11 - Swimming resumes for Dolphins/Belugas.
Jan. 13-15 - Jr. Frostbite Camp
Feb. 10-12 - NWT Territorial Swim Meet for Belugas and above. 
April 28 - Plans are underway for an away meet this weekend, details to come. 
May - we'll hold our final Mother's Day Meet for all swimmers. 
That's all I know for now!