Popup store now open until Jan. 20

Sara Minogue
Great news: our popup Polar Bear clothing store will be open until Jan. 20 for any parents who missed the opportunity, or want to go back for more. 
All items will be shipped to Tyree, who will distribute them. 
A few notes for parents: 
Most of the swimmers have tried on swimsuits and jackets; find their size measurements here.  
T-shirts, sweatpants and parkas come in both youth and adult sizes. T-shirts also come in ladies sizes. Make sure you choose the right one!
There is an option for customization (i.e. adding names to garments). 
You'll find a document here on how to purchase clothes on the website
Additional sizing tips:
  • If you are in between measurements, we recommend sizing up! 
  • Hoodies: have the same fit as the jackets. If you like a loose hoodie, we recommend sizing up. 
  • Sweatpants: same size as Aeropostale brand.
  • Female suits: are very close to Arena and Jolyn sizing. 
  • Jammer: are very close to Arena and Speedo sizing. 

Questions? Reach Tyree at [email protected]