NWT Swim Meet Feb. 10-12, NAIG info

Sara Minogue
Hi all,
You may have just received the event notice for the 2023 NWT Territorial Championship meet running from Feb. 10-12, and sponsored by SMS Equipment. 
This meet is for Belugas and up. 
This year we are very pleased to also be hosting swimmers from the Hay River Swim Club!
For that reason, our schedule is somewhat different than usual. The meet will run:
- Friday, 4:30 to - 7 pm
- Saturday, starting at noon until finish (6 pm at the absolute latest). 
- Sunday, starting at 6 am until finish, 11 or 12 at the latest. 
As usual, we'll need a whole bunch of volunteers to run this meet, including timekeepers (the funnest job and the one all volunteers should start in), stroke and turn judges, chief timekeeper and marshall (the person who lines all the kids up in the chairs). 
If you've done any of these roles before and are free to do them again, please sign up on the Events page on our website. 
If you completed the Swimming Canada Officials clinics/courses online or in person last April, please reach out to Lea at [email protected] so she can pair you up with an experienced timekeeper, starter, marshall, chief timekeeper to shadow during this meet. (For example, you could shadow on Friday and then take on the role Saturday and Sunday to complete your two deck evaluations and then be certified). 
If you don't know what any of this means and just want to help, please contact Lea ahead of time and she will find a role for you.
Families - please come out and cheer on your swimmers!
Swimmers who would like to take part in the next North American Indigenous Games (July 15-23 in Halifax) will find a bit more information on the NWT Swimming website
Selection for the games will take place during the Feb. 10-12 meet, but swimmers who'd like to try are asked to contact NWT Swimming beforehand. If you're unable to make this meet but still want to go to the games, reach out to Coach Jane at NWT Swimming regardless as accommodations may be possible. 
Thanks all!