Welcome to BlueFin Aquatics! 

If you are interested in exploring the sport of swimming and joining a team with experienced coaches, motivated swimmers, and supportive families, set up a swim evaluation today.

Please email [email protected] to meet one of our coaches and set up a brief swimming evaluation for placement in the right training level. 

At that time, our coaches will discuss the vision and values for BlueFin Aquatics. You will also have the opportunity to observe swim practice just before the evaluation. 

Swim Evaluation

Please have your swimmer ready with a swimsuit and pair of goggles. The duration of a swim evaluation lasts no longer than 15 minutes. The objective of the swim evaluation is to assess your swimmer’s current and potential training level and determine the right training plan that will best suit their needs and goals.

Request an Appointment 

Please contact Head Coach Bob at [email protected] or (702) 290 1312 to learn more or schedule an appointment to tryout for the team.