Team Gear

All swimmers should wear BlueFin Aquatics swimming caps and Arena team suits for competitions as well as team t-shirts.  Contact Coach Bob for caps and t-shirts.

Arena brand swim suits in our team color, Royal, are preferred.  Any Arena suits that blend Royal with navy/grey/black will work as our team suits for 90% of our team members. Model names such as Master Youth Light Drop Back and Board Youth Jammer are available in Royal and are affordable. Water Light Drop Back and the Shattered Glass Jammer are options as well. 

Team warm ups and Arena swim bags are also available for purchase.

For colder months, a BlueFin Aquatics parka is highly recommended.

Swim Practice Gear

Arena, our official Team Sponsor, products preferred

  •     Practice Suit
  •     Competitive Swim Goggles       
  •     Swim Cap
  •     Water Bottle
  •     Sporti Training Fins
  •     Kickboard
  •     Pull Buoy
  •     Mesh Bag for Equipment Storage
  •     *Front Mounted Snorkel
  •     *Running Shoes • Athletic Apparel for dryland​

* Check with your coach

Purchase online at or visit the store at:

4137 S. Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Tel: 702-696-9290 or 800-214-6823

Email: [email protected]