Frequently Asked Questions



What makes BlueFin Aquatics different than other swim teams?

  • Our founding coach Bob Hommel, is passionate about leading a swim team that fosters a love of the sport of swimming with an understanding that one size does not fit all when it comes to training individual swimmers.
  • Our location is ideally located to serve Anthem, Conventry, Seven Hills, Southern Highlands and Surrounding communities.
  • Our swim training schedule and meet schedule are individualized for swimmers to help them achieve their goals and personal potential.
  • Our parents are enthusiastic and supportive of all team members with some having coached and/or competed as Division 1 swimmers. They organize fun social activities poolside for birthdays and team socials.







Is my child ready for swim team?

If your child can make it up and down the pool and has an interest in developing their strokes and competing, then yes!

At what age can kids join a swim team?

Swimmer's can join a swim team and start competing at age 5.

How does my swimmer join?

It's easy. Contact Head Coach Bob Hommel to schedule a swim assessment. 

[email protected] or (702) 290 1312 

Visit How to Join here for more information. 

How do you place my swimmer in a practice group?

Practice times and training tracks are assigned by athletic level to provide various entry points for swimmers at all levels and to ensure we meet the individual training goals of each swimmer.

Which days do you practice?

Monday – Friday* for more advanced swimmers
Monday-Thursday for younger swimmers or those looking for a shorter practice

Saturday and Sundays, Tuesday/Thursday mornings for Advanced swimmers (or those looking for more flexibility during the week) 


What are the practice times?

Note: Summer schedules vary; check with Head Coach Bob.

Early Group 

Practice: Monday – Friday 3:10 - 5:00 pm

These swimmers are generally older, and have the ability to get to the pool earlier, and need, or are ready for, longer practices. They will swim approximately 1.5 – 2 hours depending upon the individual.

Middle Group

Practice: Monday-Friday 5:00 – 6:30 pm

These swimmers are typically 8-12 years old. These swimmers are focusing on how to swim perfectly, and gaining an understanding of what their true number is. All swimmers on the team will be working to establish a “number”, that is how many quality training sessions they can average per week.


Late Groups “Explorers”

Practice: Monday – Friday 6:30 - 7:30 pm

These are swimmers who know how to get up and down the pool but need to learn everything else, or are looking for a shorter practice. Explorers have a lower student/teacher ratio for more individual instruction.




How do you provide a Safe Environment for my child?


BlueFin Aquatics practices on gated school grounds and in a gated pool exclusively used by our swim team. The pool and school grounds are not open to the public and are monitored by security personnel.


Parents are welcome to observe practices as long as they do not interrupt coaches or interact with their swimmers during practice time.


Please visit our Safe Sport and Code of Conduct pages of the website.  


Should you join the team, you will receive detailed Policies & Procedures that cover these topics in more depth. 


What Makes BlueFin Aquatics a Fun Swim Team?

Our parents host regular social activities, we have team mascots (taken care of by our swimmers on a rotating basis), and birthdays are celebrated in the pool with a birthday swim cheered on my teammates with kick-boards that make the swim more challenging.


My swimmer participates in other sports, is that an issue?

​​BlueFin Aquatics recognizes that athletes enjoy (and benefit from) participation in more than one sport. That is why we provide practices times 7 days a week to provide more flexibility for athletes who want to compete in other sports or activities.


How much does it cost for my swimmer to join the team?

BlueFin Aquatics strives to provide an comprehensive program that delivers excellence through coaching, facilities, and advanced equipment.

Fees to Expect:

  • Initial Joining Fee   
  • Monthly fees  
  • Meet entry fees and travel fees for larger format meets (for advanced swimmers in locations to be announced)
  • USA Swimming Registration (annual fee) 

Time commitments and entry fees for swim meets will be aligned with a strategic swim schedule focused on the swimmer’s needs.

BlueFin Aquatics will attend meets that meet our requirements for optimized training and competition, not fundraising goals.

Fundraising is considered a separate activity to manage operating expenses and to benefit the swimmers with additional training equipment. Our goal as a team is for fundraising to also offset meet expenses especially for swim meets requiring travel.

What is the schedule of swim meets?

Coaches will announce all swim meets in advance and they will be posted on the website. 

What does my swimmer need to participate in practice and at meets?

Arrive on time and ready to swim with a desire for success, personal accountability, and “coachability”.  

Swimmers need a practice suit (team suit for meets), swimming goggles, swim cap (team cap for meets), kick board and fins.

Your coach will let you know what you need and where to buy it.


What is the BlueFin Aquatics Volunteer Policy?


Currently, other than timing at swim meets, there are no formal requirements for parent volunteers.


BlueFin Aquatics welcomes our swimmers’ parents to get involved and support the program on an ongoing basis or a periodic basis.  We are proud of the active involvement of our swimmers' parents. 


When you are ready to find out more about how you can get involved, let Head Coach Bob know your skills and areas of interest. 

How is the swim team operated?

Founded in August 2016, the BlueFin Aquatics Swim Team is a member of the Southern California Swimming Association of USA Swimming and is in the process of becoming a 501c(3) non-profit corporation. BlueFin Aquatics is administered through a board of directors comprised of parent volunteers and coaches.

To Learn more or schedule a tryout:

Contact Head Coach Bob

(702) 290 1312