Mission Statement

Swimkins Synchronized Swim Team is an organization dedicated to developing athletes with a drive for excellence and a passion for synchronized swimming.  Our coaches are committed to helping each athlete reach his or her full potential by developing athletic skills while fostering confidence, instilling responsibility and commitment, teaching the value of hard work, goal setting and goal achieving, the importance of time management, as well as the worth of a healthy lifestyle. Our swimmers also have a terrific amount of fun throughout the year at practices, competitions, and shows!

We aim to achieve our mission by working hard to emphasize the following core values:

  • By establishing mutual respect for each other, and a commitment to excellence, innovation, integrity, and quality in everything we do.
  • By providing our athletes a clean, safe, and comfortable environment—win or lose—regardless of their interest level in synchronized swimming: recreational or competitive.
  • By treating our respective competitors with respect, appreciation, and as we ourselves would want to be treated.
  • By finding ways to make our community a better place to live through our support of worthy social causes.
  • By continuously working hard to make swimming and synchronized swimming a more popular sport in our community.
  • By being proactive and accountable in carrying out our mission.

Swimkins Synchronized Swimming! A family of people working together in a fiscally responsible way to grow our athlete base and to win more National Championships!